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Project Manager (BMZ) \ Zakho

Job Overview

  1. Job information:
Job title Project Manager (BMZ) in Zakho
Work site Caritas Iraq/Zakho Office
Direct responsible
  • Executive Director of Caritas Iraq
  • Project Coordinator (BMZ)
  • Director of Caritas Iraq Office in Zakho
The main goal of the job
  • Supervising the implementation and evaluation of the BMZ project in Zakho and the performance of activities officials.
  • Take all necessary measures to ensure compliance with the standards adopted during the various stages of the implementation of the project.
  • Achieving Caritas policies, objectives, the requirements of donors, and project partners.
Functional category Administrative
Relationship with other jobs
  • Collaborate with the Executive Director,  project coordinator and office manager in selecting and recruiting staff for the BMZ project.
        • Directing the work of activities officials and other project staff and supervising their performance.
  • Cooperation with the Financial Department in relation to the work of the financial policy of the institution.
  • Cooperation with the Procurement Department in working on the procurement policy of the organization.
  • Cooperation with the MEAL section in terms of working on the foundation’s tilt policy.
        • Cooperation with the Human Resources Department in working on the human resources policy of the organization.
Relationship with third parties Cooperation, coordination and maintaining strong partnerships with government agencies, civil society institutions, UN organizations and other relevant institutions.
Responsibilities (funds, equipment, materials, or any other custody)
  • The work desk and all the equipment and materials available in the office space.
  • All files and documents familiar with the tasks assigned.
Responsibility for mistakes Full and direct responsibility
Powers limits
  • Full powers to carry out all the tasks assigned in this job description.
  • The power to assign activities officials and staff new tasks in coordination with the director of the office.
  • Communication with the public administration in all its departments.



2. Information on duties and responsibilities:

Duties and responsibilities Performance indicators
Strategic planning Cooperation with the Executive Director in the design and development of the general strategy of caritas association and the preparation of budgets related to.
Collaborate with projects managers in designing and preparing the final versions of the program and project sub-strategic plans in line with the general caritas strategy, and communicating with the Executive Director and with donors and partners in this regard.
Attracting resources Cooperation with the Executive Director and coordination with the Department of Resources and Relations to develop and evaluate partnerships with relevant entities and attract the necessary resources.
Maintaining strong professional and institutional relationships with the relevant partners.
Policies and regulations Cooperation and coordination with the Executive Director and with the departments and persons involved within Caritas in order to design and prepare regulations or instructions related to and projects, and follow-up and direct supervision of the compliance with these regulations on the ground.
Annual and periodic action plans Review the annual general action plans for caritas programs and projects and provide feedback and comments from program managers in this regard.
Human Resources In collaboration with the Executive Director, projects Managers and the Human Resources Department, select and recruit the right individuals to work within the team in different programs and projects.
Direct administrative supervision of programme managers and coordination with the Human Resources Department in relation to personnel in this regard.
Program and Project Management Managing, guiding and leading the efforts of caritas program managers, continuous coordination with the Executive Director and continuously updating the workflow
Overseeing needs-identifying efforts for communities and target groups, preparing related studies and guiding the design process for new concepts for responsive programs, projects and services.
Preparing and developing risk and challenge management plans and collaborating with the Executive Director and program managers in this field.
Supervising the follow-up and evaluation of the programs, projects and services implemented and ensuring that they achieve the desired outputs and impact.
Implementation of general monitoring and follow-up tasks in the application of approved quality standards and systems.
In cooperation with projects managers planning and leading the final evaluation of outputs and performance of programs and projects.
Management, follow-up, monitoring of disbursements from the general budget of programs and projects and preparing recommendations when needed and submitting them to the Executive Director, the Financial Department and program managers according to the requirements of the work.
Review and audit periodic technical reports submitted by projects managers before submitting them to the Executive Director.
Caritas Iraq represented in meetings, workshops or conferences authorized by the Executive Director.
Perform any other tasks entrusted to the CEO.


3. Information about the knowledge and skills required:

Required knowledge (general knowledge) Skills required (general skills)
Knowledge of Caritas’ history of humanitarian work. High leadership skills.


Knowledge of Caritas’ social and human message and vision. The power of personality.
Knowledge of the services provided by Caritas foundation on high skills in communication and communication and art of the level of Iraq, the region and the world and the general framework. High communication, communication and negotiating skills.
Knowledge of caritas business rules and ethics. Skills to perform different tasks at the same time.
Knowledge of Caritas business policies and applicable regulations and laws. High skills in coordination and follow-up work.
Knowledge of the teachings of the Catholic Church and the concepts of peace-building and reconciliation. Skills to maintain the quality of work under pressure, reconciliation, and requirements.
High skills in lobbying and attracting resources



Required knowledge (private knowledge) Skills required (special skills)
Extensive knowledge of donor trends and policies on dealing with changes in the humanitarian, economic and social fields. High skills in the preparation of strategic plans, action plans and related budgets.
Extensive knowledge and knowledge of highly skilled networking initiatives and orientations and the management of relations with the Catholic Church mainly and other churches partners, donors and stakeholders in general with regard to spiritual and temporal work in Jordan and the region. High skills in project documentation, proposals, feasibility study and reporting.
In-depth knowledge of the work of different departments and administrative units, programs and projects. High skills in networking and relationship management with partners, donors and stakeholders.
In-depth knowledge of the human and spiritual needs of target groups. Mastering Arabic and English (reading/writing/conversation), and Kurdish also if any.
Knowledge of programme objectives, framework, target groups, service delivery mechanism and activity contracting
Knowledge of follow-up mechanisms, work implementation control, performance management and quality assurance systems
In-depth knowledge of programme and project budget items, the basis for their disbursement, follow-up procedures and financial control
Knowledge of sound communication channels and limits of powers
Find out the nature of the technical or financial reports required (daily, periodic, casual) and how to prepare them
Knowledge of the objectives and areas of work of other projects, services provided and cooperation mechanisms


4. Information on the required personal qualifications and specifications:

Item Required qualifications
Academic achievement A lower bachelor’s degree) Preferably in business administration).
Experience 3-10 years of in administrative and project management work.
Additional expertise
  • High computer skills.
  • High ability to use emails and electronic platforms.
Behavior and personal favorites


  • High affiliation with the message of the Caritas Society and the Catholic Church.
  • A high degree of responsibility.
  • A high degree of faith in volunteerism and volunteer practices.
  • A high degree of solidarity with the poor, marginalized, and needy.
  • A high degree of belief in social justice, human rights, the values of reconciliation, peace, and non-discrimination between individuals regardless of color, gender, or belief.



  • This job description is not an exhaustive list of the skill, effort, duties, and responsibilities associated with the position.
  • Caritas’ talent acquisition procedures reflect our commitment to protecting children and vulnerable adults from abuse and exploitation.
    All activities aimed to ensuring full respect for the rights of the individual in accordance with the letter and the spirit of the relevant bodies of law, human rights law, international humanitarian law, and refugee’s law.

اخلاء المسؤولية:

• هذا الوصف الوظيفي ليس قائمة شاملة بالمهارة والجهد والواجبات والمسؤوليات المرتبطة بالوظيفة.

• تعكس إجراءات اكتساب المواهب لدى كاريتاس التزامنا بحماية الأطفال والبالغين المستضعفين من سوء المعاملة والاستغلال.

تهدف جميع الأنشطة إلى ضمان الاحترام الكامل لحقوق الفرد وفقًا لنص وروح هيئات القانون ذات الصلة ، وقانون حقوق الإنسان ، والقانون الإنساني الدولي ، وقانون اللاجئين.


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