Control Risks

Project Security Manager – Internal Only

Job Overview


The Project Security Manager (PSM) provides security management and quality assurance to all key stakeholders on this client contract in Basra. The PSM is the primary interface between the client and the company. The PSM will largely be responsible for overseeing the armed protection teams and local guard force on site and will ensure that all conduct is in line with Control Risks’ SOPs.

Tasks and responsibilities


  • Coordinate APT tasking and conduct daily client briefs.
  • Coordinates all management functions of the project.
  • Promulgation, implementation and management of Client Security plans.
  • Monitors and maintains all project compliance documentation of the project encompassing all out of area requirements
  • Conducts threat assessments and assists in security planning.
  • Identifies the conditions that will influence the physical safety of the Client’s personnel and their operations and liaises with the management team in order to aid strategic operational decision-making.
  • Stewards overall operational security and safety of the contract to match company security standards and HSE standards.
  • Ensures all accidents and security incidents are investigated and reported in line with SOPs.
  • Monitors local security threat conditions and advises of issues likely to impact Client movements or operations.
  • Oversees the armed protection teams and local guard force to ensure the effective provision of security to our Client in line with our SOPs.
  • Provides training and mentoring to the armed protection teams and local guard force as specified by Control Risks and the Client commensurate with the minimum standards required and exceeding them wherever possible.
  • Ensures that the employee group comply with Control Risks’ policies such as Anti-Bribery and Corruption and Voluntary Principles on Human Rights.
  • Is responsible for the quality assurance of the performance of the employee group across a wide range of disciplines inherent with the team’s primary functions.
  • Ensures minimum standards in all security duties including static guarding, access control, communications procedures and weapon handling.
  • Conducts stakeholder analysis to assess the key liaison channels and social risks.
  • Acts as advisor on all aspects of security and is the key advisor to the Client.


  • Maintains liaison with HR and advises on all recruitment specific to project appointments.
  • Ensures all manning levels are maintained and recorded accordingly.
  • Regularly assesses the local guard force and performance manages his team; identifying any gaps in an individual’s capability and providing relevant training to help them improve.
  • Records the allocation of resources to the armed protection teams and local guard force and ensures these are well maintained and used effectively.
  • Identifies non-compliance with Control Risks’ and / or Client’s policies and procedures and escalates through management appropriately, e.g. Drugs & Alcohol policy, Rules of Engagement etc.
  • Assesses the security situation as it applied to the Client’s sites and areas of operations, and works with the regional management team to make recommendations in line with the current intelligence and analysis.
  • Implements and maintains accurate training records for employees.
  • Stewards vehicle maintenance and related KPIs, advised when assets/ manpower are replaced when non capable.
  • Provides weekly updates regarding contract compliance



  • Experience in operational risk management supported by references.
  • Experienced in the methodology and application of physical and personnel security risk measures.
  • Must have experience of conceptualising security requirements and translating into formal written documents.
  • Must be experienced in delivering presentations in a formal nature to commercial clients and informal explanations of operational capabilities.
  • Be competent in the use of all Windows applications and IT literate.
  • An ability to work collaboratively with local workers.


  • Good management skills, leadership skills and performance management.
  • Previous consultancy knowledge and commercial security experience.
  • Experience of security operations in Iraq
  • Experience managing local guard force.

Qualifications and specialist skills


  • Minimum 12 months in an operational managerial role.
  • Minimum 5 years military / police experience.
  • Minimum 2 years commercial experience in Iraq.
  • Fluent English speaker and writer.
  • Previous experience in a client facing managerial role


  • Experience managing operations for O&G clients.
  • Experience managing local guard force.
  • Held Warrant Officer / Senior NCO rank in the military.
  • Security and Risk management qualifications


  • Control Risks offers a competitively positioned compensation and benefits package that is transparent and summarised in the full job offer.
  • Life insurance cover
  • Personal Accident insurance
  • As an equal opportunities employer, we encourage suitably qualified applicants from a wide range of backgrounds to apply and join us and are fully committed to equal treatment, free from discrimination, of all candidates throughout our recruitment process.


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