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Project Technical Manager

Job Expired

Job Overview

The main objective of a Project Technical manager is to operate, monitor, assure stability of the product/line of business, his job and responsibility should include but not limited to:


4. Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
·         Ensure the proper functionality of the product/system.

·         Apply a daily checklist to make sure operation is going smooth and anticipate problems and avoid service interruptions.

·         Make sure daily processes such as system settlement, end of day, reconciliation, cut-off is executed on time and in the right sequence.

·         Infuse process automation when applicable and minimize human intervention to reduce errors.

·         Follow up with the vendor on:

o    RFCs development and Implementation

o     Production issues and resolutions

o    Project deliverables and time frames

o    Dependencies clearance to assure project proper and timely execution.

o    New product versions and upgrade.

o    Patches and security updates

·         Projects test scripts preparation and executions

·         Handle the communication from technical point of view with all vendors

·         Handle the communication from technical point of view with third party and partners such as (VISA/MasterCard, CBI, member banks)

·         Handle the communication and relation from technical point of view with YBS and member banks billers and merchants.

·         Follow up on projects UAT process.

·         Implement a knowledge transfer process inside the institution such that information and know-how is spread across all team members

·         Develop and complete proper internal documentation and update existing ones when and as necessary.





5. Other Responsibilities
·         DB2 SQL functions and Views

·         Working with OS400 Subsystems, Jobs, Job Queues, Data Areas, Data Queues

·         MasterCard/Visa Interface and process awareness

·         Credit Card business awareness

·         POS and ATM Business awareness

·         Merchant business awareness

·         Card Transaction full cycle awareness

·         Prepaid system awareness

·         General knowledge on project management and issue tracking.



6. Job Requirements and Qualifications
Education: ·        Bachelor’s degree in information technology or Managment related field of study. Master’s degree in IT, management or any related field, e.g. MBA, MSM…etc. Equivalent or additional qualifications are preferred (CCNA, CCNP R&S…etc.)
Experience: Minimum 5 years’ experience in management
Skills: § Troubleshooting skills

§ Good teamworking skills

§ Strong Leadership

§ Excellent Oral Communication (English & Arabic)

§ Excellent Written Communication (English & Arabic)

§ Strong Teaching Ability

§ Great Analytical Skills

§ The ability to prioritize your workload

§ Strong communication skills, logic and analytical skills.

§ Strong typing skills

§ Fluency in multiple languages

Knowledge § Excellent computer skills

§ Able to collate and interpret data from various sources.

§ Knowledge and experience of analyzing systems

§ Knowledge base of the company and its goals

§ Crisis and change management


Abilities: § Self-Discipline.

§ Problem-Solving Skills

§ Attention to Detail.

§ Great Communication Skills (verbal clarity, good writing skills)

§ Ability to assess faults, prioritize, respond and escalate accordingly.

§ Capability of multi-tasking.

§ Mentorship and team-building

§ Strategic, proactive thinking.

§ A vision for the future.



§ YBS ethics and code of conduct.

§ YBS spirit.

§ Diversity.

§ Integrity


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