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PSS Worker – Qayyarah – (NWA/068)

Job Expired

Job Overview

INTERSOS is an international, non-profit, humanitarian organization on the front line of emergencies, bringing assistance to victims of armed conflicts, natural disasters, and extreme exclusion with particular attention to the protection of the most vulnerable people. Since 1992 our humanitarian workers have been helping people affected by humanitarian crises: we provide first aid, food, shelter, medical assistance, and basic goods. We ensure that basic needs, such as education, access to clean water, and health assistance, are met.

Position Psycho-Social Support (PSS) Worker
Reports to Field Manager – MHPSS and Social Cohesion Specialist
Supervise Community Outreach PSS Volunteers
Duty Station Qayyarrah

All INTERSOS employees are expected to perform their roles and responsibilities according to the INTERSOS charter of values, code of ethics, PSEA and Child Protection policies. The job description is mandatory for all positions within INTERSOS and shall be signed by the employee within the first week of employment.

Purpose/objective of the position:

The PSS Worker is responsible for the planning and implementation of a variety of structured and unstructured (non-clinical) PSS activities targeting various categories of vulnerable individuals and families in the project target locations. The PSS Worker supervises and provides debriefing mechanisms for community outreach PSS volunteers.

Generic Duties:

  • Conduct a variety of structured and unstructured activities (recreational, psycho-social and informal skills training) for beneficiaries, catering to the various psycho-social needs and interests of project participants (adults, adolescents, children) with individuals, families and peer support groups;
  • Facilitate the engagement and participation of beneficiaries in planned activities ensuring the inclusion of the most vulnerable groups;
  • Ensure that during all activities proper attention is paid to specific emotional, cognitive and physical needs of children and adolescents;
  • Ensure a safe, friendly and non-discriminatory environment is upheld during all activities;
  • Carry out all tasks respecting key protection principles including but not limited to: trauma-sensitivity, do no harm, non-discrimination, confidentiality and accountability;
  • Advise project management on PSS needs and trends, supports risk analysis related to PSS activities and use of trauma-informed approaches;
  • Participate in meetings and trainings when requested;
  • Complete additional tasks as assigned by the Supervisor.

Specific Duties:

  • Conduct focus group discussions and other participatory activities to engage community members in protection activities and to better understand their needs and interests;
  • Prepare structured and unstructured psycho-social support activities and the required materials and equipment in advance, as guided by the PSS SOPs; 
  • Under the supervision of the Psychologist, prepare and implement structured PSS activities according to relevant Curriculum Manuals (GIZ Nurturing Families, INTERSOS Parenting Program and Child Resilience, etc.) 
  • Plan and conduct non-structured PSS activities (including recreational activities with children, adolescents and adults such as sports activities, arts and crafts, dance, music, drama, vocational skills training activities etc.) ensuring integration of PSS elements and monitoring of PSS impacts; 
  • Support and collaborate with the Case Workers and supervisors to develop external referral pathways for identified vulnerable beneficiaries enabling long-term sustainability of support;
  • Collaborate with community outreach PSS volunteers to raise awareness on PSS and identify vulnerable individuals and families;
  • Follow-up and support beneficiaries that have been identified as needing protection and psychosocial intervention;
  • Monitor beneficiaries’ progress during psychosocial support activities and identify persons with unusual changes in behavior or other signs of psychosocial distress for referral to the Psychologist; 
  • Support Community Outreach Volunteers and accompany the planning, piloting and implementation of community-led social cohabitation initiatives.
  • Support experience-sharing activities within and between communities on PSS activities and approaches used in the project;
  • Engage community outreach volunteers in planned activities according to activity schedule; supervise their activities and ensure feedback and coaching; 
  • Maintain daily attendance registers and monthly inventory sheets for each activity conducted; 
  • Maintain confidential beneficiary case files, recording incidents requiring urgent interventions relating to protection and PSS needs of beneficiaries, as guided by the INTERSOS SOPs;
  • Examine gaps in PSS services being provided; advise management on adherence to and improvement of trauma-informed approaches; 
  • Support development and implementation of monitoring tools of PSS activities;
  • Participate in and contribute to local conflict analysis and implementation of conflict-sensitive monitoring system, paying particular attention to risks relating to re-traumatization of project participants;
  • Perform such other duties as may be assigned.

Competencies: (Knowledge, Skills & Abilities) 

  • A minimum of 1-year experience in a relevant position. 
  • Previous working experience with camp and out of camp settings with IDPs, returnees, refugees and host- communities.
  • Experience with trauma-sensitive, gender-sensitive and conflict-sensitive PSS work with highly vulnerable populations
  • Bachelor’s degree in Humanities or social fields.
  • Fluency in Arabic, English is an asset.

 Computer Skills:

  • Data entry and presentation.
  • MS Offices (Excel and word). 
  • PowerPoint is an asset.


  • Ability in analysing data and produce timely structured reports;
  • Knowledge of the context and of the Education system;
  • Knowledge of Child Safeguarding policy and PSEA;
  • Ability to work in a multicultural context as a flexible and respectful team;
  • High record keeping, information analysis and entry proficiency;
  • Pro-activity and independency;
  • Flexibility and ability to cope with stressful situations;

More Information

  • This job has expired!