PUI (Premiere Urgence Intenational)

Psychosocial worker (PSW) Ramadi, Fallujah

Job Expired

Job Overview


Overall purpose: 

Under direct guidance and supervision from the community officer ,The Psychosocial worker required strongly  to  participate in implementation of the community based activities (selection of the community based partners; selection of volunteers; provision of training, supervision and support to the community based partners; delivery of awareness raising campaign through the community based partners; data collection in terms of the community based activities) of the MADAD funded consortium project in Anbar governorate   .The psychosocial worker in this project does not provide direct services to the beneficiaries but contributes to the capacity building of the community based partners.

Responsibilities and scope of duties:

  • Participate in mapping potential community based partner bodies and selection of them for the project
  • Select  key community figures from the identified community based partner bodies
  • Participate in arranging training and supervision to these key community figures
  • Support in creating a referral pathway from the communities to PHCCs
  • Support the key community figures in conducting an awareness raising campaign, the methodology and materials of which are provided
  • Ensure psychosocial wellbeing promotion in the awareness activities
  • Guarantee a strong link between the trained health professionals from PHCCs and community based partners  to provide primary mental health to identified beneficiaries


Specific goals and related activities: 



  • He/She will together with the staff of the primary health care centres map key community based stakeholders (schools, youth centres, community centres, local NGOs and associations) in the catchment area  under close supervision and guidance from the community officer
  • He/She will together with the staff of the primary health care centers identify 60 community key persons from the above mentioned community structures to become community focal points for a MHPSS referral system and under close supervision and guidance from the community officer
  • Plan and implement psychosocial group support and awareness sessions to raise awareness and reduce stigma about Mental Health and PSS.
  • He/She will together with the staff of the primary health care centers  build the capacity of the 60 community key persons in service mapping and assessment, establishment of referral pathways, basic principles of protection and confidentiality, basic psychosocial support interventions, case identification, self-care and awareness raising campaigning and under close supervision and guidance from the community officer
  • He/She supports the PHCCs and community key persons in establishing a MHPSS referral system in their communities and arranges supervision to ensure the quality and functionality of the referral system
  • He will identify volunteer awareness campaigners from the community
  • He will together with the volunteer awareness campaigners organize community awareness raising that includes group sessions and events both for the la people and health professionals, door-to-door visiting, distribution of IEC materials, by following the methodology defined by the consortium and using the IEC materials provided by the consortium.
  • He will together with the community key persons organize community support groups for vulnerable persons
  • Provide Psychological First Aid (PFA) or basic counselling skills to beneficiaries in need of support
  • Participate to the mainstreaming of protection throughout all activities



  • Ensure confidentiality is kept at all times, including storing of documents
  • Ensure a consent process (including standardized case management consent forms) are utilized for referrals from schools/ camps /host communities to PHCC.
  • Support follow up of the referred cases under leadership of the community officer , with the patient and the reference doctor, ensuring appropriate follow up care has been given and taking appropriate action if further care is needed


  • He/she ensures that data of the above mentioned project activities is collected and recorded according to the instructions given by MEAL department and under supervision from the community officer
  • If requested, he/she supports in the collection of patient data and patient file form from the PHCCs for project follow up, coordinating with the MEAL team and MHPSS officer and under supervision from the community officer
  • Ensure that the MHPSS activities (group sessions and individual PFA or psychosocial support) are recorded accurately and confidentially
  • He/She ensures that monitoring and evaluation during the trainings and supervision is done according to the instructions given by MEAL department and under supervision from the community officer
  • Contribute to the weekly MHPSS statistic reports prepared by the community officer


  • Debrief daily and weekly with the MHPSS team members and The Community officer
  • Attend Première Urgence Internationale internal team meeting
  • Collaborate with other organizations involved in health, mental health and protection in the project area
  • Provide information to the community officer about mental  health status trends, gaps and needs in the communities treated (e.g. psychological support and protection needs for vulnerable groups.


  • Follow PUI’s security rules and COVID-19 prevention measures in all activities
  • Be aware of social and political situation in the field at any time and provide feedback to the Community officer.
  • Any other duties as assigned by the line manager


 Required Profile


Required knowledge and skills
Required desirable
Education / Training


 At minimum BA degree in field of social work, psychology,education , or related field  Training in community or public health /Mental health.



  Experience in community based PSS, collaboration with community stakeholders, community mobilization and awaneress raising campaigns


Experience in working in the communities in Anbar(ALFalluja and AlRamadi)


Experience in supervising a volunteer program





Training in PSS/GBV

Training in community mobilization and engagement

Experiemce in service mapping and community based interventions

Experience in awareness raising campagins in mental health/PSS topics/ and community support groups

Experience with an NGO

Experience in working with CBOs, community centres and community key persons , youth centres.




Knowledge and skills



 Good communication and analytical skills


Understanding of the Iraq mental health system, particularly in Anbar governorate, and with reference to services available at different types of facility and the referral system.


Ability to work in unstable circumstances

IT skills, particularly data analysis and presentation (Excel)












Pack Office





Required Personal Characteristics (fitting into team, suitability for the job and assignment/misn)

A good level of self-awareness and ability to identify stressors and provide self-care

A good level of reactivity, anticipation, and organization

An interactive and proactive approach

A team player


More Information

  • This job has expired!