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Public Relations Manager

Job Overview:
As our PR Manager, you will be a pivotal force in shaping and protecting our brand image on an international scale. We are looking for a candidate with a solid background in PR, particularly in the tourism sector, who can navigate from high-profile event PR to handling crises with grace and efficacy.

Comprehensive PR Strategies: Develop and execute comprehensive PR strategies to enhance the brand image and reputation of the company internationally, focusing on both the brand and the region of Kurdistan in the tourism industry.
Event PR: Handle high-class event PR, ensuring seamless execution of PR campaigns that align with overall business goals and objectives.
Crisis Management: Manage crises effectively, providing timely and strategic communication during natural catastrophes, terrorist incidents, or other emergencies.
Media Relationships: Utilize a well-established network of international contacts to manage media relationships and secure coverage for the brand and its sub-brands.
Stakeholder Relationships: Create and maintain relationships with key influencers, journalists, and stakeholders in the tourism and travel industry.
Real-time PR Strategies: Collaborate closely with the creative department to develop real-time PR strategies that can be executed promptly in response to emerging events or opportunities.
Media Monitoring: Monitor media coverage and sentiment, providing regular reports to the leadership team.
Industry Awareness: Stay informed about industry trends, news, and global events that may impact the tourism sector.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in public relations, Communications, Marketing, or a related field.
Experience: Minimum of 7 years of experience in PR, with a focus on international PR within the tourism industry.
Track Record: Proven track record of successfully managing high-profile event PR to crisis communication.
Network: Solid network of international contacts in media, tourism, and related industries that can be activated instantly.
Crisis Management Skills: Excellent crisis management skills, demonstrating the ability to remain calm and strategic in high-pressure situations.
Communication Skills: Strong written and verbal communication skills in English.
Real-time Execution: Ability to create and execute PR strategies spontaneously in real-time.
Collaboration: Experience working in a fast-paced environment and collaborating with cross-functional teams.

  • This job has expired!