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About the company:

ALTAMEER is a combination of management-oriented and dedicated experts, all of whom provide superior solutions and advanced services to the government and corporate markets in the region.  We distinguish ourselves as an expert engineering firm, offering the ability to design, install and operate solutions based on current and future client requirements and our partnering strategy with our clients.  We offer a wide range of turnkey professional solutions, including low-current security systems, information and communication technology, automation, fire protection, and software development.  By partnering with award-winning, world-renowned security companies, we can proudly provide a comprehensive suite of products, services, and technologies designed to protect people, property, and information.

Job title: Purchasing officer

Department: Supply Chain

Location: Baghdad

Working hours: 08:00 AM till 04:00 PM

Purpose/objective of the position: ALTAMEER is seeking for professional Purchasing officer to be Responsible for purchasing activities process, Researching potential vendors to facilitate all purchasing process

Main responsibilities and duties:

  • Ensure that all purchasing activities comply with purchasing practices and company policies.
  • Prepare technical specifications for the purchase orders, including terms and conditions and evaluation criteria.
  • Prepare and follow up on all order documents and approvals needed.
  • Follow up on all payments for suppliers and ensure documentation is properly maintained.
  • quotations on product pricing and services as per the direction of the Procurement Team leader.
  • Maintain records of goods ordered and received.
  • Collecting offers for all purchasing requests received and ensuring company policies and procedures adherence.
  • Locate vendors of materials continuously, equipment or supplies, and conduct market visits regularly to evaluate vendors to determine product availability and terms of sales.
  • Identify potential suppliers, visit existing suppliers, and build and maintain good relationships with them.
  • Ability to multitask and handle accurate and timely entry of data.
  • General Knowledge of LC systems
  • Knowledge of Network system
  • Knowledge of Computer HW and SW
  • Provide technical support to various entities to purchase products/Solutions. Entities include potential vendors, partners, and resellers.

Qualification required:

  • 1 + years experience in this field
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management or any other relevant
  • General knowledge of Systems Inventory
  • Good level of the English language (Oral and Written)
  • Documentation and Reporting Skills.
  • Participate in a Global Market

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