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Regional Mental Health and Psychosocial (MHPSS) Specialist

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HI’s Mashriq Regional Programme coordinates missions in 5 different countries (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine). The programme is covering the full mandate of HI – emergency, and development. The program has a total volume expected for 2024 of 10M Euros with 170 staff + 120 volunteers.

There are four primary sectors of intervention: health, education, BaNEREI (basic needs, economic recovery, and economic inclusion), and armed violence reduction. The majority of projects are executed through local partners and service providers. Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) play a dual role, both crosscutting within the main sectors and occasionally as a standalone intervention. Our engagement extends to humanitarian actors and coordination mechanisms in all five countries, operating at different levels—sector clusters, working groups, organizational level, and field operations. Humanity & Inclusion (HI) serves as a technical partner, providing capacity building on MHPSS.

Currently, a major conflict is underway between Hamas and Israel in and around Gaza, with impacts extending to Lebanon. This conflict is anticipated to be particularly violent, resulting in a significant number of casualties, injuries, and displacements, affecting thousands of Palestinian people in Gaza. The anticipated needs for shelter, water, health services, food, non-food items, and MHPSS are expected to be exceptionally high. In this dynamic and unpredictable crisis, we anticipate both existing and new MHPSS needs to emerge.

Reports to: line managed by THoP


Interacts with: Country Managers (CM), Deputy CM, Operation Managers, PMs and projects’ staff, support services staff.

The MHPSS Regional Specialist will have functional technical supervision over other technical positions that support activities under her/his sectoral scope in the mission.

The MHPSS Regional Specialist will also provide technical follow up of consultants, in her/his sector of expertise, to ensure they align with HI technical framework.




Under the line management of the Technical Head of Program (THoP), the field coordination of the Country Manager, and the technical supervision of the Global MHPSS Specialist, the Regional MHPSS Specialist contributes to the implementation of the mandate of HI and the operational strategy of HI MASHRIQ program in the field of MHPSS, while respecting the HI DGA policy. He/she ensures optimal quality and impact of the projects implemented in the countries, through a delegation system with appropriate control mechanisms. He/she shares with all HI managers the responsibility of a sound management and successful functioning of the global organization, through paradigm changes.  The post holder will leverage their expertise in MHPSS to offer strategic and/or operational support to the countries in MASHRIQ (Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, and Iraq). The extent of support will be determined collaboratively by the post holder, THoP, and the Global MHPSS Specialist, taking into consideration the specific needs at each site within the region.


He/she will be responsible for the following:

ü  Supports the program to develop its strategy with regards to MHPSS intervention and contributing more widely to HI Health and Protection strategy in the country.

ü  The individual is tasked with overseeing the technical support and consistent follow-up (quality assurance) of HI’s MHPSS activities, including both direct service provision and health system strengthening initiatives. This involves coaching and supervising MHPSS Technical Officers where applicable. Oversees the development and adaptation of technical material aiming to build the capacity of the HI staff and partners, through face to face or remote trainings and coaching;

ü  Coordinate with other MHPSS and Protection actors and represent HI internally and externally, whenever necessary.




Responsibility 1: management.

1.1 From a technical perspective, contribute to the effective management of MHPSS Technical Officers (TOs level 2 and 1) working in the countries, in coordination with the PMs who are their line managers:

Support the PM to set individual objectives for the TOs, evaluate individual performance, contribute to development & career evolution, monitor competences;

Create capacity building plan and follow up on its implementation;


Responsibility 2: expertise.

2.1 Contributes to the countries mission strategies and if relevant, the regional strategies, in line with the global strategies

Provides sectorial technical inputs to the STRATOPs for the program, with regard to MHPSS, in line with the global STRATECH and ensure relevant follow up

Participate to any relevant strategical exercises organized at mission level

Participate in continuous needs assessments for development of new projects and / or adaptation of existing projects;


2.2 Ensure technical support to projects in line with the global technical frameworks and standards on MHPSS

Provide adequate technical guidance and support to Project Managers (adapt standards to PM’s tools, contribute to proposal writing and reporting) in line with strategies, standards and mandatory transversal approaches

Provide ongoing technical support and training for the technical and projects field staff, through direct provision of both formal and on the job training; Take part in Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) needs assessments for the development of new projects or adaptation of existing ones.


Support the design and contextualization of technical tools, training, materials and other relevant documents, and disseminate them among the mission/humanitarian community (as needed) upon prior validation by the relevant HQ Technical Specialists. Propose innovative projects, potentially articulated with approaches toward peace building and conflict transformation.

Ensure the implementation of the comprehensive approach and coordination with the rehabilitation staff

Ensure good communication and coordination with team members and other internal stakeholders through regular meetings;

Ensure adequate support to multi-sector responses within projects, in line with the other Specialists

Ensure a local sectorial watch and best practice capture on MHPSS sub-sector

Participate to the design of positions, recruitment and induction of MHPSS team members in collaboration with the Operations Manager and Human Resources Manager;


2.3 Ensure technical learning from projects

Contribute to projects’ capitalization and ensure technical learning from MHPSS activities

Evaluate projects with a MHPSS component, identify lessons learnt, and best practices;


2.4 Ensure the control & monitoring of the technical quality and the relevance of HI’s activities in the Programmers under MHPSS activities

Ensure regular technical quality control of projects and programs and issue warnings and recommendations when required

Perform frequent field visits for technical supervision, on-the-job training, and quality assurance;

Support quantitative and qualitative data collection from MHPSS teams, in particular focused on ensuring that data is disaggregated by gender, age and disability;

Contribute to writing internal and external reports; Provide relevant data related to MHPSS activities (statistics, monthly objectives, etc.);

Monitor the implementation of audit recommendations, if applicable, in MHPSS scope






2.5 Ensure compliance of the technical proposition with nexus stakes


2.6 Contributes to the development of research and innovation projects at country and region level, when relevant, in the MHPSS expertise.

Suggest and steer technical innovation projects

Identify the priorities of Research and Studies and steer R&S


2.7 Contribute to the Technical Divisions professional channel animation

Contribute to the global animation of the professional channels under MHPSS sub-sector, coming from the Technical Divisions (community of practice…)

Animate a local talent pool in MHPSS Scope (carry out technical interviews of candidates and produce recommendations, identify the needs regarding trainings)


Responsibility 3: Influence.

3.1 Contribute to the local external prestige and influence of HI’s expertise in the field of MHPSS and foster technical partnerships between HI and other actors.

Represent HI with the relevant institutional stakeholders, such as MoH, MoSA, MoE, etc. and the supporting UN Agencies (IOM, WHO, etc.) and other local authorities in the country, to facilitate HI’s MHPSS intervention and avoid duplication.

Represent HI through any relevant external humanitarian coordination meetings and bilateral meetings (MHPSS Technical Working group, Protection Working group);

Influence and promote the technical capacity of HI at country level, throughout the local and national relevant networks

Contribute to advocacy on specific themes at country level, in line with the global advocacy priorities


Responsibility 4: Business Development.

4.1 Ensure the development of major opportunities or new projects in the region in MHPSS sector. Be up-to date on the last international practices and directions and opportunities under his sectorial scope. Use this knowledge to guide the mission towards new and more relevant and efficient technical programming. Ensure relevance of technical practices at project design stage and on strategy development.

Contributes to the context analysis in the field of MHPSS and more largely, Health and Protection sectors

Contributes to the design and writing of new projects for the mission and when asked in other countries within the Geographic Division

Identify & transform major opportunities in the mission under his scope

Contributes to the conception of major projects (multiple countries, one theme) or of new projects in the region

Identify & develop local partnerships and/or consortium with NGOs, Institutions, Companies on technical priorities or important topics in MHPSS

Lead the development and the data analysis of MHPSS needs assessments, effect/impact studies, KAP surveys, and other research efforts;

Professional skills

ü  Advanced university degree (Master’s level or equivalent) in mental health, psychology or related fields.

ü  Minimum 5 years’ experience in international development and/or emergency and post crisis environments, in technical positions.

ü  Minimum 4 years’ experience in the field of MHPSS, in technical position.


ü  Experience on disability.

ü  Experience of training and technical supervision in the field of MHPSS with NGOs and CSOs, in protracted crisis as well as in development context.

ü  Experience in working with and strengthening public health services and system (from Ministries to decentralized services) is highly desirable.

ü  Experience and/or technical understanding of the protection, rehabilitation, inclusive humanitarian action.

ü  Experience in participating in humanitarian coordination mechanisms

ü  International experience in the Middle-East.

ü  Experience of project management.

ü  Comprehensive understanding of the cultural and contextual factors influencing mental health in the Middle East.

ü  Prior experience at regional positions will be considered as an added value

Cross-cutting skills

ü  Strong strategic analytical skills; capacity to establish clear frameworks, rules and limits.

ü  Advanced writing capacities in English.

ü  Advanced proposal writing skills in English.

ü  Producing clear and adaptable tools and technical trainings for different levels (community volunteers, technical officers, specialized professionals).

ü  Adapting communication and messages to an intercultural environment.

ü  Strong experience in capacity building techniques with adults, using different pedagogical models.

ü  Proactive, shows initiative/entrepreneurial.

ü  Working as part of a team/network, cooperating.

ü  Respect for the opinion and enhancement of the skills of others with a view to shared action.

ü  Ability to give and receive constructive feedback; discussing with multi-disciplinary teams, working as part of a network and collaborating.

ü  Empathy.

ü  Resilience to stress and uncertainty.



Technical Competencies

Level: 0 – Not required                   3 – Autonomous

1 – Knowledge                      4 – Proven

2 – Underway                       5 – Expert


Competency Level
1 – Operational  
Project management  
Strategic and operational Planning 4
Monitoring 3
Evaluation 3
Report Skills  
Data collection 4
Data analysis 5
Report writing skills 5
Training skills  
Facilitation 4
Capacity building 5
Training / workshop 5
Training manual development 5
2- Finances  
Finances management  
Budget construction 1
Budget monitoring 1
Budget reporting 1
Cash Forecast 2
Financial rules 2
Donor rules 2
Accountancy Management  
Accounts control 0
Cash flow management 0
3- HR Management  
Staff Administration 0
Recruitment 0
Staff assessment process 0
Training plan 3
Career management 0
Staff management 2
4 – Logistics  
Logistics procedures 1
Driving licence 0
5- Administration  
Archiving system 3
Contracts management 0
6- Technical Skills  
Experience in the field of expertise 5
Clinical skills 0
Case management skills (pers. Approach, referrals, etc.) 3
Community based approach 4
Inclusion/Advocacy skills 5



Behavioral Competencies


Competency Required (Y/N)
Organizational skills Y
Independency Y
Team Player Y
Decision Making Y
Analytical Y
Communication Y
Multi-tasking Y
Attention to detail Y
Transparency / integrity Y
Innovative / creative Y
Problem/ conflict solving Y

Cross-cutting skills

Level: 0 – Not required       3 – Advanced

1 – Basic                     4 – Fluent

2 – Intermediate


Language Level
English 4
Arabic 4


Level: 0 – Not required                 3 – Advanced

1 – Basic                               4 – Expert

2 – Intermediate


Computer Skills Level
MS word 3
Ms Excel 3
Ms Power point 3
Internet 3
Electronic messaging 3



‘’The Employee undertakes to adhere to HI policies which include:


  • Terms and conditions of engagement (T&C)
  • Internal regulation (IR)
  • Child protection policy (CPP)
  • Protection of beneficiaries from sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment (PSEAH)
  • Antifraud and bribery
  • Code of Conduct (CoC)




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