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Regional Vocational Guidance and Counseling Officer / Assistant

Job Expired

Job Overview

World University Service of Canada (WUSC) and Canadian Leaders in International Consulting (CLIC) have been jointly awarded a grant from Global Affairs Canada to implement the project “Bolstering Reconstruction in Iraq Through Development, Growth and Employment” (BRIDGE).
The Project’s goal is to improve the employment status of male and female youth and women in selected sectors and governorates of Iraq. The two key outcome results of the Project are: Improved delivery of gender responsive and market relevant Vocational Training; and Improved employability of targeted female and male youth and women.

BRIDGE will address the need for short-term stabilization of Iraq by helping beneficiaries integrate the labour market. It will also support the ongoing reform of the Vocational Education and Training Sector.

Nature and Scope

The Vocational Guidance and Counselling Officer will be working closely with the BRIDGE Vocational Guidance & Counselling Manager and the vocational training stakeholders and partners of BRIDGE including at MoLSA, Governorates and Vocational Training Centers (VTC) levels in Iraq to establish VG&C units that provide VG&C services and set the enrollment process and selection criteria for potential trainees in the VTCs. Support VG&C activities in other BRIDGE locations with a flexibility to travel to other cities and governorates.

Key areas of Responsibility

● Under the supervision of the VG&C Manager, act as a focal point for all VG&C matters under WUSC action by carrying out the program activities, planning and developing with day-to-day oversight and direction to BRIDGE employees in the VG&C department, as well as designing strategy and setting goals for growth in accordance with the organization’s policies and procedures.
● In coordination with MOLSA and governmental entities, assess, establish and prioritize areas of capacity development for Vocational Guidance and Counselling activities in Vocational Training Centers across Iraq.
● Ensure Vocational Guidance and Counselling program implementation at the VTCs in line with WUSC regulations and procedures as well as adherence to the developed Vocational Guidance and Counseling Best Practices guidebook.
● Provide inputs and assist developing and setting up comprehensive guidelines and protocols for vocational guidance and counselling functions in coordination with key stakeholders.
● Oversee program management and operations related to the activities, including project work plan preparation and planning, financial statement and budget control, progress monitoring and, where necessary, identify corrective measures to overcome operational constraints.
● Support the introduction of the Guidance & Counselling function to other VTCs as part of project expansion;
● Participate in training provided by WUSC.

Capacity Building, Training, Coaching
● Conduct capacity development needs assessment regarding Vocational Guidance and Counseling at MOLSA, the targeted Governorates and VTCs.
● Meet with individuals at the three levels of project stakeholders (MOLSA, Governorates and VTCs) who have responsibility for guidance and counselling, explaining BRIDGE’s approach and intent.
● Train and coach key MOLSA and VTCs staff on gender sensitive vocational guidance and counselling approach with the VG&C units with a regular follow-up.
● Conduct training for VTC management and VG&C staff on student enrollment (Enrollment Tools) in line with VG&C Work-plan implementation.
● Coach and monitor the work plan of the trained VG&C key staff in the selected VTCs who are responsible for offering vocational guidance and counselling to youth and women.
● Coach and train field VG&C staff of BRIDGE regarding all aspects of the job and proactively develop their skills to understand and utilize appropriate tools and services to design and implement quality programming, adhering to procedures, guidelines and work requirements.
● Flexibility to conduct training sessions, and other activities in other BRIDGE partners locations.

Activity Implementation Support
● Support the Vocational Guidance & Counselling function of the VTCs as part of delivering the project’s cohort which includes marketing, enrollment and VG&C service delivery to trainees including in innovative ways.
● Ensure proper reporting from the Vocational Guidance & Counselling Units at the VTCs including the identification of examples of successes and impacts achieved.
● In coordination with BRIDGE communication officer, draft proposals for communication materials of the VG&C units and conduct training and coaching for the management staff of the participating VTCs, VG&C staff and Media staff in gender-sensitive communication and outreach, in attendance of MOLSA media focal point with a regular follow up on their Work-plan.
● Flexibility to provide coaching and support to other BRIDGE partners locations.

Reporting & Communication
● Prepare Quarterly Project Implementation Reports and any other periodic and ad-hoc reports and ensure their timely submission to project management.
● Communicate regularly, with the BRIDGE Team, on component progress and issues.
● Discuss updates and international best practice with the project’s colleges and advisors and Project Management.

More Information

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