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Rehabilitation Officer

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Job Overview


Rehabilitation Officer is responsible for effective and quality-based implementation of activities and effective coordination of actions internally and with external partners as directed by project manager and PUI procedures and standards.


Role and Responsibilities

  • S/he ensures a timely and up-to-the-standards implementation of all aspects of the rehabilitation activities as directed by Project Manager and Infrastructure Coordinator.
  • S/he ensures that the implementation of activities is performed according to the approved proposal and in accordance with the rules and regulations of the donor and PUI.
  • S’he monitor the quality, prices and availability of the construction items on the market.
  • S/he manages a team of daily workers and operators as required within the project.
  • S/he ensures high quality of documentation of project activities and results achieved.


specific objective and linked activities

  • S/he is responsible for assessment, technical evaluation and elaboration of technical drawings and solutions;
  • S/he draft and reviews technical drawings and specifications, and suggests improvements if necessary;
  • S/he develops bill of quantities, technical drawings and other materials as requested by Project Manager/ Infrastructure Coordinator;
  • S/he is responsible for surveillance of project sites to ensure planned progress and required quality of works;
  • S/he oversees rehabilitation works on the selected sites along with and in close collaboration with the contracted company and/or representatives of local authorities;
  • S/he conducts quality control of standard building materials and equipment used in construction;
  • S/he monitor the prices of the construction items and produce accurate cost estimations;
  • S/he maintains inventory records of building materials and equipment and reports their status to Project Manager;
  • S/he supports Logistics Department in procurement processes in order to ensure the relevancy and quality of material purchased and services to be provided;
  • S/he supports Logistics Department in identification of the materials needed in both quality and quantity;
  • S/he prepares and follows-up on procurements for the project in coordination with Project Manager/ Infrastructure Coordinator;
  • S/he prepares reports on performance of the generators and other equipment under his or her responsibilities
  • S/he manages and assists the assigned daily workers and operators in their day-to-day work;
  • S/he prepares necessary HR documentation as required by Administration Department in relation to management of the assigned daily workers and operators;
    • S/he timely reports to Project Manager on any challenges, setbacks or risks that may occur providing advice on needed solutions or actions;
    • S/he participates in internal and external meetings as requested by Project Manager and/or Infrastructure Coordinator;
    • S/he liaises and coordinates with beneficiaries, local authorities and other external stakeholders as requested by Project Manager;
    • S/he prepares work schedules, work plans, progress reports, activity reports and other written materials as requested by the Project Manager and/or Infrastructure Coordinator;
    • S/he assists in drafting of final project report in accordance with donor’s requirements and rules;
    • S/he ensures quality and proper storage of documentation of the project activities and results achieved;
    • S/he ensures adherence to PUI’s internal procedures and regulations in all activities and actions;
    • S/he ensures proper understanding and implementation of security and safety rules including usage of personal protective equipment by all teams under his or her responsibility;
    • S/he remains aware of the security rules at large in PUI as well as social and political dynamics in the field at all times, and provide timely information to Project Manager;
    • S/he performs other duties that may be assigned by Project Manager.

    The tasks and responsibilities defined in this job description are non-exhaustive and can evolve depending on the project’s needs

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  • This job has expired!
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