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Rehabilitation Technical Officer

Job Overview



Under the responsibility of the Rehabilitation Specialist in Iraq and in close collaboration with the project teams, the Technical Officer contributes to the implementation of Humanity & Inclusion’s mandate and rehabilitation strategy in Iraq. They contribute to the implementation of projects by providing technical rehabilitation expertise and ensuring that the quality and impact of the project is optimised. In addition to this, they represent the HI Iraq Mission and its rehabilitation strategy, approach and activities to external actors, including the Directorate of Health and international and local NGOs.


At this time, specific activities include: the assessment of existing rehabilitation facilities to tailor capacity building activities to their specific needs; planning and implementation of technical training and on the job coaching; support to experienced DoH staff on the development of supervision and training capacities within their teams; increasing engagement with civil society organisations including organisations of persons with disabilities to support the awareness of and access to rehabilitation services in their region.


They works closely with the programme’s team and the technical unit.




Line management: Rehabilitation Technical Specialist (Based in Erbil, but regularly visits bases) with input from Technical Unit Manager

Collaboration with: Base Operations teams (Mosul, Baghdad and Ramadi), Technical Unit, Support Services, MEAL, Security




The Rehabilitation Technical Officer contributes to the implementation of the needs assessment, training, support and coaching within the sphere of rehabilitation in the wider VA project. This can be through direct implementation, technical advice and development of resources to support planned and existing activities. The role has a specific focus on developing the capacity of pre-existing government rehabilitation centres and strengthening the referral pathways into these centres.


The position will include extensive collaboration with: Technical Unit team; especially the Rehabilitation and MHPSS Specialists; Project Managers and Officers, Operations Coordinator MEAL team, and Support Services Managers.





  1. Provides guidance and technical support to projects in accordance with the overall technical frameworks and standards within the rehabilitation sector
  2. Provides appropriate rehabilitation technical guidance and support to project managers and field staff in collaboration with Rehabilitation Specialist
  3. Ensures that the project activities are implemented according to internal quality and technical standards and proposes adjustments or improvements if necessary
  4. Adapts project documentation as required in accordance with global rehabilitation technical norms and standards including the International Classification of Functioning and the human development model
  5. Contributes to the regular reporting of the rehabilitation activities (collection and analysis of the technical data collected) in conjunction with the project team and the MEAL team
  6. If relevant, ensures coordination and collaboration with the technical partners of the project as delegated by the specialist or the project leader
  7. Supports capacity development of national rehabilitation staff through assessments, mentoring and training



  1. Provides technical learning from projects


  1. Collects the elements necessary for any planned capitalisation or scientific documentation exercises
  2. Provides reports and reflections on all training sessions that are implemented, to contribute to technical learning
  3. Contributes to rehabilitation technical learning under the responsibility of the specialist based on good practice
  4. Contributes to the terms of reference for evaluations
  5. Implements recommendations for improving the technical quality of the rehabilitation components of projects



  1. Contributes to the animation of the rehabilitation sector


  1. Contributes to recruitment
  2. Contributes to or leads the necessary rehabilitation technical training
  3. Contributes to the skills upgrading plan for rehabilitation professionals
  4. Can contribute to the development of a local rehabilitation talent pool within its sectoral perimeter. This could include the identification and capacity building of current and future rehabilitation trainers
  5. Contribute to other reports & documentation upon request
  6. Provides inputs to support the development of the Mission’s next operational strategy in collaboration with the rehabilitation specialist





  1. Contributes to ensuring HI’s technical influence within its perimeter


  1. Contributes to the influence of HI’s expertise: can represent HI’s technical expertise in relevant local networks and with local partners under the guidance of the rehabilitation specialist
  2. Contributes to the strengthening of referral pathways into existing rehabilitation services



  • Degree/diploma in Physiotherapy


  • At least 2 years of clinical experience in physiotherapy including experience in the core areas of neurology, orthopaedics and musculoskeletal
  • Experience as a trainer of adults in the rehabilitation field
  • Previous experience in physiotherapy within INGOs would be a strong asset
  • Previous experience of persons with injuries in conflict situations would be a strong asset
  • Clinical experience of working with children with Cerebral Palsy would be an asset
  • Clinical experience of rehabilitation of people with chronic conditions would be an asset
  • Experience in the region (especially working within a similar healthcare and educational system) would be a strong asset

Personal competencies and qualities:

  • Strong communication and reporting skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Strong interpersonal and intercultural skills
  • Ability to work under high pressure
  • English and Arabic is mandatory (oral and written).


  Knowledge (knowledge) Know-how (practical) Know-how (attitudes)
·       Knows the different schools of thought and models explaining disability and is familiar with the application of certain tools.

·       Knows the international frameworks and technical issues of his sector

·       Mastery of a speciality of its sector, its managers and how to implement them in a quality approach.

·       Knows the networks of actors and professionals inherent to its sector


·       Minimum 2 years of experience in his or her professional field, including experience abroad in low and middle-income countries

·       Desired experience in project management

·       Communicates in a clear, concise and responsible manner with respect for the interlocutor (adult or child); adapts his/her mode of communication and message, particularly in the context of intercultural communication, and at a distance

·       Identifies problems and activates solutions; knows how to raise problems

·       Can accompany and motivate a person/group.

·       Knows how to plan, organise and measure its activities by setting clear, specific and measurable objectives and indicators.

·       Promotes participation and cooperation in the activities of its service sector and in multidisciplinary/sectoral work

·       If trainer, add specific skills to the training course.

·       Reactivity

·       Teamwork/networking, cooperation. Respecting each other’s opinions and valuing each other’s skills for joint action;

·       Giving and receiving constructive feedback; exchanging in multidisciplinary teams, networking and collaborating.

·       Have an empathetic attitude. Showing interest in what each person experiences and feels, “putting oneself in the other’s shoes” and listening to their needs Adopting an attitude of acceptance and non-judgement of the person.

·       Resilience to stress and uncertainty







‘’The Employee undertakes to adhere to HI policies which include:


  • Terms and conditions of engagement (T&C)
  • Internal regulation (IR)
  • Child protection policy (CPP)
  • Protection of beneficiaries from sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA)
  • Antifraud and bribery
  • Code of Conduct (CoC)

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