Women for Women International

Research – M&E Officer

Job Overview


The research/M&E officer will be a key member of the Putting Survivors at The Center (PSC) project and will be responsible for coordinating and conducting monitoring and evaluation activities throughout the project cycle. She/He will plan and oversee data collection, data processing, and data analysis, with a focus on qualitative data. The research Officer will also produce and disseminate reports on the findings and recommendations of the data collection activities, using clear and concise language. This position is focused on designing, implementing, and overseeing robust data collection and analysis processes to evaluate program effectiveness and contribute to evidence-based decision-making.



  • Design and implement robust monitoring and evaluation plans for the Putting survivors at the Center project and ensuring the collection of relevant data and indicators.
  • Regularly conduct Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) and qualitative analysis to gain deeper insights into the impact of training, interventions, and support services during the pilot phase.
  • Implement Participatory Action Research methods to engage women participants, WFWI frontline staff, and partners in the assessment of program effectiveness and the identification of improvements.
  • Facilitate participatory workshops and discussions to involve stakeholders in shaping program strategies.
  • Organize and supervise data collectors, ensuring the accurate and consistent collection of data during various program activities.
  • Analyze both quantitative and qualitative data to assess the effectiveness of training modules, and the utilization of the referral app.
  • Utilize data analysis to generate evidence-based recommendations for improvements, modifications to training materials, tools, and interventions.
  • Work closely with program managers and PSS coordinator to implement recommended changes and refine program strategies.
  • Conduct regular field visits to the pilot partner organization (Mercy Corps) to oversee the implementation of activities, ensure adherence to program guidelines, and gather real-time feedback.
  • Document lessons learned, best practices, and challenges encountered during the implementation of training, support, and referral initiatives.
  • Contribute to the organization’s knowledge base by sharing insights and findings that can inform future program design. Perform any other task assigned by the supervisors.


All our staff are required to adhere to WfWI’s Code of Conduct and Safeguarding policies and to our organizational values: Empowerment, Integrity, Respect, Resilience.



  • Education: Minimum Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a relevant field (e.g., Social Sciences, Public Health, Statistics).
  • Years of experience: Minimum of 3-5 years of experience in research and data collection, preferably in the context of social or GBV programs or international development projects.


  • Proficient in designing and implementing monitoring and evaluation plans.
  • Extensive experience in conducting qualitative research, including FGDs.
  • Familiarity with Participatory Action Research methods.
  • Strong analytical skills for both quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Experience in utilizing data for evidence-based recommendations.
  • Excellent communication and facilitation skills for stakeholder engagement.
  • Ability to organize and supervise data collectors for consistent data collection.
  • Experience in collaborating with partners and maintaining effective communication.
  • Fieldwork experience, including regular visits for monitoring and feedback.
  • Knowledge of psychological support services and their implementation is a plus.
  • Strong documentation skills to capture lessons learned, best practices, and challenges.

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