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Researcher – To Evaluate the efficiency & effectiveness of the Jiyan therapy system.

Job Expired

Job Overview


The task is to conduct research to evaluate the efficiency & effectiveness of the Jiyan therapy system as a base for futher development of Jiyan therapeutic approaches. The output of the research will be used as a reference to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the Jiyan therapy system (staff, methods, procedure, knowledge…etc) and accordingly to identify the resources that can be used and those that need better improvement in this project.


Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights is implementing a project financed by Else Kröner-Fresenius-Stiftung, whose aim is to promote building capacity in mental health and psycho-social support in Iraq. This entails providing an educational institute, named Jiyan Institute for Mental Health at Charmo University. For this reason, we aim to develop research, as mentioned in the paragraph above, to identify how and what resources to use as part of establishing the institute.


The Jiyan Institute for Mental Health is a project of Jiyan Foundation that empowers mental health professionals in the Kurdistan Region, Iraq, and Syria. For over a decade, Jiyan Foundation has been empowering survivors, fostering resilience, supporting refugees, and being a trailblazer in providing exceptional training and capacity-building programs throughout Iraq, Kurdistan-Iraq, and Syria.


The Researcher should commit to the following points in developing the research

  • A clear plan about the structure of the research, qualitative and quantitative methods and expected outcomes
  • The outline of the research should include:
    a- Quantitative study
    – Sample of at least 140 cases from at least 7 centers (average of 20 cases/center)
    – from the last 10 years as maximum
    b-  Qualitative study
    – 20 interviews with former clients (randomly chosen) about their experience with jiyan therapy

c- Required languages: English, Arabic, & Kurdish

  • The researcher provides Jiyan Foundation with all the data that were collected and the results of the study           


Applicants must submit a detailed budget itemizing the expenses needed to perform the proposed service in Euro.


The researcher will report to Jiyan’s focal point (Dr. Markus Wachowski, Head of Capacity Building), update him on research milestones on a weekly basis, and coordinate with him regularly to ensure the process is on the right track. Meetings will happen virtually. Each milestone as layed out below shall be approved by the Jiyan focal point. The Jiyan focal point may at any time request an activity and status report.


The total duration of the assignment is 12 weeks, starting from the day of the agreement signing.


  • After 1st week: outline on how to conduct the research, methodology and approaches
  • After 2nd week: detailed plan for conducting the research
  • After 3rd week: contacted all centers and made arrangements with Jiyan partners and prior clients
  • After 6th weeks: presentation of mid-term results
  • After 11th weeks: presentation of results
  • After 12th week: submission of final report


The implanting partner needs to demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Relevant experience: professional experience covering psychological, social, and human rights subjects
  • Demonstrated Research Skills: the researcher should have a proven record in doing research in social studies, qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Delivery: The service provider will provide any tool needed to complete this assignment to ensure smooth and high-quality outcomes.


Payment will be made after completing and delivering the service as agreed


Jiyan Foundation reserves the right to withhold all or a portion of payment if performance is unsatisfactory, work/output is incomplete, not delivered, or failure to meet deadlines. In the event that the service provider ends the contract before delivering all agreed-upon services, a portion of the payments shall be returned to Jiyan Foundation.

The contractor maintains confidentiality of all information and shall not be involved in another assignment that represents a conflict of interest with the prevailing assignment. The contractor shall undertake to refrain from promoting any political or religious beliefs during this contract.


For clarifications on the task and the process, applicants are welcome to contact Dr. Markus Wachowski, Head of Capacity Building [email protected]

Your application has to consist of your CV, an example of your prior work and your financial expectations.

Submit your application at [email protected] before 21 June 2024

Incomplete or delayed applications will not be considered!

 Zero-tolerance towards harassment and insensitivity:

 We at Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights have zero tolerance against Harassment and Abusement. The researcher and his/her agency’s behavior must be sensitive towards all genders, ages, races, and religions, and follow Jiyan foundations policies during this contract.


More Information

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