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SAD Deputy Project Manager

Job Expired

Job Overview

Position:      SAD Deputy Project Manager

Work place:  Tikrit with travel requirement 

Duration:            Fixed term contract 1 year full time.

Status:                National position.

Under Supervision of: This position is under the responsibility of the Project Manager

Direct Line management of: Agriculture Officer and Irrigation officer.

Salary range: the salary for this position will be 1806 USD under the category D08 of TGH salary scale

This job description will be regularly reviewed. Only a common and joint agreement between the employee and the employer could lead to a modification of this it.


TGH is implementing projects in Iraq and KRI since February 2013.

TGH started in 2019 a Food Security and Livelihood project in consortium with Mercy Corps and PAO in Ninewa Governorate, Al Hamdaniya district supporting the fish, olive, sheep and chicken value chain and the sustainable development of irrigation: rehabilitation of irrigation schemes, improvement of drainage system, promotion and implementation of solar irrigation systems, promotion of drip irrigation systems, construction of wells, partnerships with academic partners.

TGH and its partner Mercy Corps and PAO have been granted a phase II of the project, funded by the French Development Agency. The project started in March 2022 and will last 34 months. The activities will focus on:

  • Additional support to the activities implemented in PERMA I in Ninewa governorate and notably solar and drip irrigation, development of a Mezzo chicken market, setting-up of the fish hatchery, support to olive farmers, scale-up of the cactus nurseries (cactus is used as a feed) and promotion of alternative feed. Around 30% of the budget will be allocated to these activities.
  • Support services and microbusinesses in Saladin governorate, with a focus on Tikrit, Bayji and Northern Samarra districts. The project will focus on the same objective than PERMA I, using a MSD approach on the chicken and livestock value chains, aiming to revive veterinary and milk processing services and to enhance access to animal feed for breeders. TGH is also in charge of the irrigation component of the project, with activities focusing on rehabilitation of irrigation schemes and promotion of alternative irrigation techniques such as solar irrigation. Around 70% of the budget will be allocated to activities in Saladin.


Under the responsibility and the supervision of the Project Manager   

Responsibility 1:       She / He contributes to Internal coordination of the project

  • She / He participates in weekly internal project meetings and communicates regularly with the Project Manager and the Programs Coordinator.
  • She / He coordinates the activities with the Tikrit team under the supervision of the project manager
  • She / He coordinates potential synergies with TGH projects in Ninewa, especially regarding food security and livelihoods.

Responsibility 2:      She / He participates to the representation and external communication of the project.

  • She / He communicates with other members of the consortium about the project evolution, the technical problems faced, and the potential risks and proposes solutions. She / He participates in the weekly coordination meetings with the consortium partners.
  • She / He is involved in providing relevant communication on the project (pictures, video, success stories etc.).
  • She / He communicates with institutional partners, building partnership and involving them in the implementation of the project.
  • She / He communicates with the private sector in the name of TGH and of the PERMA project.
  • When requested, She / He represents TGH at cluster meetings.

Responsibility 3:      She / He contributes to the project strategies in Salah Aldin

  • She / He coordinates the formulation and harmonization of project strategies in Salah Aldin, for both agriculture and irrigation related activities.
  • She / He assess the need for studies or consultancies and is involved in the conduct of those studies or consultancies.
  • She / He makes sure that M&E elements are included in the strategy that allows straightforward data collection, analysis and reporting; She / He designs tools, databases and monitoring tools to engage with the private sector.
  • She / He assesses the potentialities for developing the project irrigation & agricultural activities with farmers/breeders and any private structure involved in the project.
  • She / He checks that activities answer farmers’ needs and that farmers’ comments are considered when designing the activities.
  • She / He establishes requirement specifications, plans and budget evaluation for agriculture and irrigation activities, in relation with the project manager.
  • She / He coordinates the preparation of the project’s strategies and proposing continuous design and adaptations of all activities related to agriculture

Responsibility 4:      She / He supervises quality implementation of project activities and achievement of results.

  • She / He supports the Salah Aldin team in supervising efficient implementation of project activities and achievement of quality results, and especially for:
  • She / He replaces the irrigation officer and agriculture officer when on leave to ensure the implementation of all Salah Aldin activities
  • She / He assures that project staff understand and respect the operational strategies;
  • She / He verifies the achievement of results with target groups;
  • She / He elaborates monitoring tools to follow up the activities;
  • She / He participates in the elaboration on tenders when needed, and assure the supervision of the chosen companies reporting immediately any problems that could happen;
  • She / He participates in the mapping and selection of partners and acts as the focal point to communicate with TGH activity external partners (public and private)
  • She/He communicates on the implementation of the above-activities to the Project Manager.

Responsibility 5:      She / He assure the management of the irrigation officer, the agriculture officer

 She / He ensures the management of the the irrigation officer, the agriculture officer by doing evaluation, setting objectives and building their capacities.

  • She / He elaborates monitoring tools (work plan, weekly and monthly reporting) to follow up the activities done by the irrigation team and the agriculture team in Tikrit.

Responsibility 6: She / He ensure following up, evaluating, monitoring and documentation

  • She/He contributes to the monitoring, evaluation and learning of the project.
  • She/He supports the project manager in following up with the activities implemented in Salah Aldin.
  • She/He contributes to the development of relevant tools (qualitative and quantitative surveys, post-implementation, and distribution monitoring) to monitor the progress and the quality of the project.
  • She/He contributes to compiling and analyse data.
  • She/He advises the project manager on the strategy for agricultural and irrigation activities to be implemented in Tikrit.
  • She/He contribute to the capitalization on the lessons learnt and contribute to the development of SoPs.
  • She/He update the weekly and monthly follow up tools for the activities in Salah Aldin

Responsibility 7:       She / he ensures reporting.

  • She / He contributes to the elaboration of reporting tools.
  • She / He Supervises reporting of the officers and compile their contributions to the reports.
  • She / He Fills-in the missing elements of the draft reports.
  • She / He Finalise the draft version of the report and treat corrections and additions from colleagues and consortium members.
  • She / He ensures that collected data are complete and correct.
  • She / He ensures compilation and analysis of data.
  • She/He ensures proper archiving and filing of all relevant documents to the agriculture activities: letters, authorizations, logistics documents, financial documents, and indicator evidence.

Responsibility 8:       She / he coordinates with the support team.

 She / He works closely with the support team (logistic, admin, HR and finance).

  • She / He anticipates the logistic need and establish Purchase and Service Request (PSR).
  • She / He reports any security aspect to the Security Deputy Coordinator and the Field Coordinator.
  • She / He contributes to the safety/security of the team by following the security measures and making sure that the team is following them.

The list above is not strictly exhaustive; an employee working within the framework of these tasks may carry out other tasks if asked to do so by his/her line manager.


 Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in agriculture, agribusiness, economics, or administration with a previous experience on an agricultural project. Master’s degree holders have an advantage.

  1. Have a good level of English and Arabic language.
  2. At least two years in a managerial responsibility with an INGO
  3. Good communication skills are required and the capacity to work in a multicultural environment.
  4. Good working skills with Microsoft officer software.
  5. Good understanding on projects management tools and techniques.

More Information

  • This job has expired!