Malia Group

Sales Supervisor

Job Overview

  • Responsible for achieving volume, distribution and visibility objectives in allocated area, by optimizing, coaching and motivating direct reports.
  • Collaborate with the Sales Manager to develop strategies that increase sales and market share.
  • Perform duties in accordance with Malia Group Policies and Procedures.
  • Closely follow up on CC and area performance on daily basis, take corrective action proactively
  • Conduct thorough business evaluation on monthly basis and revise coming months’ forecasts to compensate for previous months’ underperformance
  • Ensure that area distribution targets are met; scan all assigned area to open timely new POS
  • Ensure the continuous availability of updated call cycles in accordance with area objectives
  • Ensure proper implementation of company’s P&Ps in order to avoid risks
  • Set the collection plan by client following an accurate analysis of the aging reports in coordination with concerned
  • Audit frequently the accuracy of the information given by the CC
  • Monitor customer satisfaction (field visits or surveys) and ensure that any request raised is dealt with on the spot
  • Establish and maintain close working relationships with trade, focusing on Key outlets (Owners, category managers…)
  • Collaborate with the Sales Coordinator, Sales Manager and Warehousing and Delivery team to ensure accurate and timely deliveries
  • Report daily, weekly and monthly competition news, achievements vs targets/ challenges, opportunities.
  • Contribute proactively with the Talent Acquisition Team in filling vacancies timely. Design/update related JD and on-boarding programs and ensure their proper understanding & implementation. Ensure an optimized structure in line with business priorities and performance
  • Provide direct reports with needed resources/tools and guidance to fulfill their role properly and set their training needs and development plan in coordination with L&DM. Celebrate achievements, highlight to PCM people with potential to offer them perspective for growth
  • Set direct reports annual Business Goals and required competencies and conduct quarterly feedback sessions to appraise their performance. Monitor continuously direct report productivity and take corrective actions in due time. Issue misconducts and enroll under-performers in related program

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