Security Advisor

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Job Overview


The Security Advisor works under direct supervision of the Country Director Iraq (his/her line manager) and will be responsible for developing and updating safety and security plans and procedures, act as a focal person for access related issues as well as analyzing security trends, advise, update, and implement forumZFD´s Local Security Plans.

Activities and Tasks 

Safety and Security Management Planning

  • Provide technical support to the Country Director and if required to the forumZFD head office on all policies, procedures, guidelines and planning for staff safety, operational security and program continuity
  • Evaluate, review, update and develop the missing security management plans on a regular basis Work with key stakeholders to develop, consolidate and implement operating procedures and contingency plans
  • Evaluate, review, update and develop the missing hibernation and evacuation plans for all forumZFD offices and residences in Erbil and Ninewa Governorate and ensure that practical preparations are in place and known to all relevant staff
  • Conduct risk assessments of contracted and prospective offices and residences
  • Follow up on actions to be taken to ensure compliance with safety and security standards
  • Undertake continual assessments of equipment and the protocols by which that equipment is used, to ensure that minimum requirements for security are being met
  • Provide and implement best possible solutions for use of equipment to facilitate communication between staff, including proposing safe alternative means of communication and equipment
  • Develop and maintain a network of forumZFD Security Focal Points at each field office and program sites enhancing gender balance
  • Ensure that safety and security protocols, reporting mechanisms, and capacity building initiatives account for gender-specific risks, staff profiles and background, and are sensitive to local contexts.

Safety and Security Management

  • Daily monitor the security situation in the areas of intervention, provide documentation and security updates to the Country Director and staff
  • Carry out regular security assessments as requested, including road security clearance, assessment of checkpoints, external meeting venues, and intervention sites and update the Country Director
  • Exercise constant vigilance and anticipation of security risks
  • Perform road security clearances and greenlight movements of forumZFD staff
  • Validate, track and monitor movements of forumZFD staff on a daily basis
  • Prepare and update security maps and staff contact lists
  • Ensure that security at all forumZFD premises is optimal and in accordance with security standards
  • Provide timely feedback on questions and technical assistance requests from country program team members and head office if required
  • Collect and immediately share information on any security incident with direct impact on forumZFD staff and/or operations, report and follow-up on any changes of context potentially impacting operations to Country Director and staff
  • Provide the head office with monthly security reports, including follow-up on trends and indicators
  • Collect and archive all information and documentation with the utmost accuracy and confidentiality
  • As required, support and advise the Country Director during safety and security emergencies
  • Develop operational and programmatic contingency plans that respond to different emergency scenarios
  • Ensure the follow-up and good management of emergency boxes, first aid kits, and safety and security materials and equipment
  • Define and put in place physical security measures against fire, bullets and blasts for forumZFD premises

Access and Permissions

  • Act as focal person for all access-related issues to forumZFD areas of intervention
  • Responsible for obtaining all licenses and permissions that forumZFD requires to conduct its activities in Ninewa
  • Prepare all facilitation letters, authorizations, registrations, etc. required to maintain effective implementation of forumZFD activities in Ninewa
  • Develop access strategies and ensure forumZFD has processes in place related to access issues
  • Develop ongoing relationships with local authorities and other power brokers within areas of intervention
  • Work to ensure that forumZFD, its mission and work in all areas of operation is known and accepted
  • Work to encourage stakeholders to collaborate with forumZFD in ensuring that staff and programs are safe and given permission to continue peacebuilding activities in Ninewa
  • Provide technical input and advice on assessments to consider forumZFD programming in new geographic locations in Ninewa and other relevant Governorates

Networking and Liaison

  • Liaise with relevant security actors e.g., NGO Security Focal Points, NGO security coordinators, NCCI, INSO, local community stakeholders, Governors, Civil Councils, etc.
  • Build and maintain a contacts network for security and access monitoring
  • Monitor and provide support and reporting on NGO field security initiatives, as required
  • Establish and develop a network of local key informants to collect up to date information on context evalutions and potential security threats
  • Participate in external and security meetings with local and international stakeholders and authorities
  • Facilitate meetings between local stakeholders and the forumZFD management if required
  • Inform about any new government regulations and policies related to NGOs and movement restrictions

Training and Capacity Building

  • Develop and implement forumZFD staff capacity development plans on safety and security
  • Provide regular trainings for forumZFD staff on safety and security preparedness, standard operational procedures, safety and security plans, humanitarian principles, contextual understanding, safety and security risk management, incident management & reporting, etc.
  • Liaise with partners to assess capacity building needs and provide advice and support where feasible and necessary
  • Make sure the staff members are briefed/ trained/ inducted on all safety and security policies and procedures both before and after joining forumZFD on regular basis
  • Design and implement safety and security training’s for forumZFD local partners when required

Context Understanding and Reporting

  • Compile and submit regular reports that track incidents and trends in humanitarian access and local security contexts within forumZFD’s areas of operation
  • Submit daily/weekly contextual updates as needed to relevant field and program management staff
  • Work closely with forumZFD field management teams to ensure all incidents and accidents are followed up with an official written report, which is then shared with relevant stakeholders and filed appropriately. Ensure that final incident reports are provided when forumZFD is closing the case.
  • Monitor the operating environment in the region, identify new threats, assess forumZFD vulnerabilities and recommend possible responses
  • If required, coordinate regularly with the head office on safety and security issues and fulfill reporting requirements to the region
  • Provide credible information and contextual understanding of localized and country-wide security situations and incidents along with appropriate advice to forumZFD field, program and senior management staff

Program Development

  • Support forumZFD staff in developing conflict-sensitive and contextually appropriate approaches in Iraq
  • Participate in program design, in program review meetings and contribute to implementation plans to ensure the timely, safe and secure delivery of forumZFD services to beneficiaries
  • Advise program management teams on context-specific risks pertaining to humanitarian access, safety and security, and contribute to the development and implementation of mitigation measures and plans

In addition to the above, the Security Advisor may be asked to carry out other related duties as requested by the supervisor based on need and agreement.

Qualification and experience required

  • University degree in the field of political science, security management or any relevant field
  • Minimum of three years’ professional experience with demonstrated capabilities in planning, organizing and executing humanitarian/development aid security operations in the field
  • Strong skills in context analysis and advanced knowledge of security principles in fragile contexts
  • Experience of gaining a precise and impartial understanding of local, regional and international policies, operational positions and interactions, providing clear dynamic briefings and analysis of given and unfolding security and political situations when they occur
  • Strong experience as a trainer; ability to develop, implement, facilitate and impart learning to forumZFD, its staff members and if required to external audience to enhance skills and adapt to changing program demands
  • Advanced knowledge in communications technology, including, satellite communications, cell phone mediums, etc.
  • Situational awareness and opportunity awareness as well as regional knowledge required.
  • Exceptional organizational and coordination skills
  • Experience of working successfully with local stakeholders such as local and international NGOs, government, etc. with sensitivity and diplomacy
  • Excellent relationship-building, interpersonal skills and the ability to effectively represent forumZFD at forums and with external stakeholders as well as establish and maintain networks
  • Strong negotiation and mediation skills with experience in conflict resolution is essential
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English, Arabic and Kurdish, with ability to express ideas and concepts clearly
  • Full professional competency in Microsoft Office Suite, especially Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Understanding of the humanitarian principles
  • Ability to travel in country to sub offices in Baghdad and Ninewa 30-50%
  • The eligible candidate is independent, committed and reliable
  • Flexibility and ability to adjust to changing circumstances and needs is required
  • The Security Advisor must be eligible to work in K.R.I and Iraq
  • Driver license and driving experience is an asset
  • Commitment to and understanding of forumZFD aims, values and principles

More Information

  • This job has expired!