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Security and Liaison Officer

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Job Overview

Function prerequisite:

The Security and Liaison Officer is part of the project support team and both Liaison and Security departments, under direct management of the Senior Liaison and Senior Security Officers, with technical supervision of the NPA Iraq Access and Liaison and Security Managers. The position requires:

  • Good knowledge of the political and security situation and stakeholders in Iraq, including local community structures and culture – particularly West Anbar.
  • Good communication, coordination skills and negotiation skills, both with national and international personnel and stakeholders.
  • Good written and spoken Arabic and English.
  • Familiarity with commonly used computerised software.
  • Follows instruction, responsive and proactive with a solution-focused attitude.
  • Communicative, takes initiative and high maturity and sense of responsibility.

General responsibilities:

The S/L-O is responsible for liaison and maintaining an up to date overview of both external and internal stakeholders, and security and safety risks within their specific geographical area of responsibility (Haditha, Qaim) and any additional areas as per PjM/DPM-C directive or request. Through this, the S/L-O will inform updates and implementation of guidance documents and procedures, with respect for NPA Safety and Security plans and supporting the SSO with ensuring compliance with NPA Minimum Operating Security Standards (MOSS). The S/L-O supports regular safety and security risk assessments, and based on detailed local knowledge and liaison – advises the SSO, SLO, PjM/DPM-C on access and security risks and challenges and recommends risk reduction measures.

The S/L-O is further responsible for two levels of representation and coordination, under guidance and supervision of the SSO and SLO;

Internal – All NPA staff and departments, especially HR, Logistics/Fleet, Community Liaison Officer, PjM and DPM-C, and Access and Liaison and Security Managers.

External – With ISF, Government Institutions, Law Enforcement Agencies, Military/Security personnel and other networks.


  • Establishes and maintains professional relations with key point of contacts with district and sub-district government offices, ISF, ISF-EOD, and other stakeholders in delineated specific areas of responsibilities, with proactive communication about NPA achievements and challenges to support the SLO in monthly updates and facilitate meetings with PjM/DPM-C.
  • Proactively supports maintaining and implementation of key safety and security policies and procedures, and facilitates procurement of the required materials and assets to ensure a safe and secure work environment – in coordination with the SSO, PjM, and DPM-C.
  • Proactively supports collation, updating and verification of information on NPA Central project to share accurate and timely information with local government, DNGO, and other stakeholders; including for visa, residency, access letters, and other similar purposes.
  • Proactively and continuously updates access information, task order validity, shipment and asset/material movement documentation, and other relevant licenses and permissions required for operational and management continuity and stability.
  • Proactively supports the SSO in regular security and safety risk assessment missions to ensure compliance with standard safety and security requirements.
  • Proactively supports the SLO in drafting, in English and Arabic, official letters to be sent to authorities; including letters linked to operations such as demolition requests to be authorized by the PjM/DPM-C.
  • Proactively communicates and supports maintaining of databases/records on security incidents, local security trends, and suggests actions/measures to improve individual, organisational and operational security accordingly.
  • Proactively supports the SSO in monitoring contracted security service providers in the areas of responsibility.
  • Provides professional, proactive, and timely assistance/support to any NPA staff involved in any incident/accident, particularly where Iraqi authorities are involved; including after-hour support/assistance for NPA expatriate staff.
  • Proactively supports the SSO and SLO in monitoring media and resources proactively, and maintains good relationships, networks, and NPA (re)presentation with external actors and stakeholders to stay abreast of security updates, responses, and coordination efforts.
  • Proactively conducts training, briefings and drills for all project staff – including operational staff – to ensure situational awareness, emergency preparedness, and understanding of NPA-specific procedures and responses in that regard under guidance and supervision of the SSO/SLO.
  • Ensures stringent respect for NPA MAD Iraq decision making and authority delineations and directives, in action planning and reporting.
  • Any other task relevant to the department and role as requested by the SSO and/or SLO, PjM, and DPM-C.
Guiding Policies, Documents, and Principles
  • Adhere to all NPA policies, regulations and procedures; including those specific to the department including, but not limited to; NPA global and Iraq MAD Security guidelines and SOPs, Crisis Management plans, Liaison communication directives, and situation-specific protocols, NPA Iraq HR Policy and logistics/procurement guidelines.
  • Work within the framework of NPA core values.
  • Act as an ambassador for NPA, through professionalism and conduct. This includes, as relevant, representing the organisation in a loyal and responsible manner.
  • Follow all verbal and/or written instructions, unless in direct violation of safety and duty of care.
  • Maintain and care for all equipment issued by NPA and for any loss or damage, being liable for repair or replacement in case of damage resulting from negligence.
  • Ensure a safe workplace and protect all staff and equipment from damage/injury.

Required qualifications:

Must have:

  • Bachelor or other higher-level education degree.


  • Degree in public relations, social or other relevant qualifications.
  • INGO Access, Security, or other relevant training certificates, such as HEAT or equivalent, risk assessment training, contingency planning, communication and negotiation trainings or similar.


Must have:

  • 2-3 years’ relevant experience in the field of security or liaison, or with similar responsibilities in the West Anbar geographical area.
  • Residency and originating from Haditha or neighbouring villages.


  • Experience in working with INGO’s.
  • Experience in working with various government agencies in Anbar/West Anbar area.
  • Knowledge of the Iraq NGO community and government agencies.

More Information

  • This job has expired!
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