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Security Guard – Anbar/ Ramadi

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Job Overview

Job Overview/Summary:

The security Guard for Anbar/Ramadi office is responsible in maintaining the safety and security of the office building and its occupants. The role includes implementing established safety/security protocols and procedures as established by the International Rescue Committee in Iraq, with supervision from Humanitarian Access and Senior Security Officer.


Prioritizing employee safety within the office building, which includes regular patrols, monitoring of security systems, and rapid response to any security concerns or emergencies. The guard will take necessary measures to protect office assets, which may include equipment, documents, and other valuable resources. The guard must diligently adhere to assigned duties, which may include various tasks related to security and safety protocols as outlined by the organization. Registering and supervising all visitors and guests. The security guard plays a vital role in maintaining a safe environment for both personnel and assets, contributing to smooth operation of the International Rescue Committee office in Ramadi.


Major Responsibilities:

Safety and Security

  • To assure the security and safety of personnel and property at the IRC guesthouse or office to which assigned by the immediate supervisor, during all of the hours of the working shift.
  • Maintain a security watch throughout the assigned shift.
  • Conduct regular rounds, in keeping with security directives.
  • Ensure that unauthorized personnel are not permitted to enter the IRC building or premises.
  • Prevent unauthorized individuals from entering or removing items from the IRC premises, particularly when IRC personnel are not present. In the event of security issues, the guard assist fully in the secure the premises, office, house for the safety of property and personnel and if necessary to assist in the evacuation of personnel and property if directed by the immediate supervisor.
  • To prevent unauthorized removal of property or belongings of IRC (or IRC personnel) from the house, office, and premises or from vehicles parked outside the premises.
  • Where necessary and requested by IRC personnel, assist in removing persons, non-violently from the premises.
  • During both working and non-working shifts, it is essential to regularly inspect the gates and fence areas of the premises to prevent unauthorized access. To ensure that at all times the gates for persons and vehicles remain closed and bolted, except when allowing permitted persons or vehicles to enter the premises and that the gates are then immediately to be closed and bolted.
  • The guard’s duties also include assisting in the general operations of the house and office. This encompasses tasks such as operating the water pump, helping with loading, unloading vehicles, contributing to general maintenance, and operating and maintaining the generator, among others. Strictly follow the guard duty schedule for each month.
  • At all times respect and implement the principles, directions, security requirements of IRC.
  • Represent IRC in a professional manner.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Key Working Relationships:

Position Reports to:  Humanitarian Access & Senior Security Officer

Position technically supervised by: Humanitarian Access & Senior Security. Officer
Position directly supervises: N/A

Indirect Reporting: N/A

Other Internal and/or external contacts: describe the nature of departments or groups the position influences or requires support from to accomplish objectives.

Internal: Maintain good relationship and attitude with IRC field staff and visitors

External:  Maintain good relationship and attitude with neighbors.


Job Requirements:

  • Education: High school certificate or equivalent.
  • Work Experience:
  • Minimum two years’ work as professional guard.
  • Highly preferably previous experience with NGOs in the safety and security field.
  • Team Spirit and problem-solving abilities.
  • Preferably pervious training in the first aid, security guards training course.
  • Valid driving license referable.
  • Able to carry out limited, unsupervised tasks.
  • Guards must display attitude and behavior reflecting well on both them and the IRC.


 Demonstrated Skills and Competencies:


  • Language Skills:  Speak and understand Arabic Language.
  • Certificates or Licenses:
  • Training or experience in First Aid, preferable.
  • Training in safety, fire, and evacuation procedures, preferable.


  • Additional Skills and Competencies:
  • Excellent relationship-building, interpersonal skills and the ability to maintain good relationship with the community in the location of Office.
  • Strong negotiation and mediation skills essential, with the office neighbors.


Total benefits:

  • Salary range: (1,008,000 – 1,260,000) Iraqi Dinars, based on various factors including the labor market, job type, internal equity and budget as well as calibrated by work location, individual candidate experience and skills relative to the defined job requirements.
  • 13th month salary per year.
  • 21 days of leave and 15 days of paid holidays per year.
  • IRC provides health insurance for staff and their dependents.

Notice to all Job Seekers

IRC implements an equal employment opportunity policy, and our recruitment process is based on merit.

Applicants and/or successful interview candidates (both internal and external) are not required to pay any fees at any stage of the recruitment process.

If anyone asks you for any financial or non-financial favors to help you secure a job at IRC, kindly report to [email protected].

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