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Security Officer – (Mosul/East Ninewa) – (NWA/087)

Job Expired

Job Overview

All INTERSOS employees are expected to perform their roles and responsibilities according to the INTERSOS charter of values, code of ethics, PSEA and Child Protection policies. The job description is mandatory for all positions within INTERSOS and shall be signed by the employee within the first week of employment.

Purpose/objective of the position:

The Safety & Liaison Officer, East Ninewa is a focal point responsible for ensuring the safety & security of INTERSOS staff, premises and assets in Areas of Operation, works with other teams to ensure the safety of beneficiaries in their interactions with INTERSOS staff, and liaises with local authorities and other stakeholders to ensure the safe and smooth implementation of INTERSOS activities.

Generic Duties:

Under the supervision of the Operations Manager and Security Coordinator:

  • Ensure that adequate structures and systems for safety and security management are in place in the Area of Operations and are respected by INTERSOS staff, in accordance with the mission’s security SOPs and strategy.
  • Provide briefings and security advice to program staff working in field, and facilitate their work through liaison with authorities and other stakeholders
  • Provide capacity building and technical support on safety and security to INTERSOS guards and drivers.
  • Promptly report any safety or security incidents and assist in responding to them.


Specific Duties:

Security Management:

Under the supervision of and in close collaboration with the Operations Manager and the Safety & Security Coordinator,

  • Proactively collect and update Ninewa security-related information relevant to INTERSOS or INGOs in general; provide INTERSOS Iraq mission with timely and credible security information and contextual analysis of the local security situation, including through incident alerts and bi-weekly analytical reports.
  • Conduct security risk assessments of new areas/premises/routes, with recommendations to the line and technical managers on security measures for INTERSOS offices, project activities and staff.
  • Assist the Operations Manager and Security Coordinator to review and enhance security SOPs and contingency plans; provide input on security documents and tools and make recommendations on the enhancement of them in order to strengthen staff safety.
  • Take primarily responsibility for ensuring that INTERSOS security rules and procedures are followed at all INTERSOS premises within the area of operation, including that guards carry out their work in a professional manner, and that staff respect movement tracking and other security rules.
  • Promptly report any violations of INTERSOS security rules, or any contextual changes with implications for organizational safety and security, to the Operations Manager, Security Coordinator or (in their absence) the Head of Mission, with recommendations on corrective actions to be taken.
  • Promptly report any security or safety incidents which occur and assist in the management of these incidents as per instructions from line managers and Head of Mission.
  • Conduct training for drivers, guards and field staff on safety and security topics (security rules, movement tracking, etc.)
  • Conduct induction sessions to field staff whenever delegated to do so by the Operations Manager or Security Coordinator.
  • Carry out checks on security and road safety conditions, providing reliable information to the Operations Manager and with recommendations on changes or suspensions of movements if deemed necessary.
  • Conduct tracking of expatriate and other staff movements, in accordance with INTERSOS SOPs, and promptly report any loss of tracking contact with staff in the field.
  • Perform other security-related tasks assigned by the Operations Manager or Security Coordinator.


Safety Management:

  • Ensure the proper set up of safety equipment and measures in place in vehicles and premises (fire extinguishers, first aid kits, etc) in line with security SOPs.
  • Ensure the proper set up of safe rooms in the bases, including the presence of necessary equipment and supplies (hibernation supplies, communication devices, etc).
  • Facilitate and contribute to trainings (internal or external) on safety topics (first aid, defensive driving, etc).
  • Promptly report to the Operations Manager or the Security Coordinator any issues or gaps in procedures or equipment which may have consequences for staff safety.



Under the supervision of and in close collaboration with the Operations Manager and the Safety & Security Coordinator,

  • Establish and maintain an active information network, which includes NGOs, UN, government authorities and other stakeholders, in order reliable security information and facilitate INTERSOS activities.
  • Liaise & coordinate with local government, police & other security forces, and other stakeholders to obtain necessary approvals for INTERSOS activities; liaise with relevant authorities as necessary to obtain documents or solve access or other issues.
  • Maintain effective and constructive communication with relevant authorities in order to build reliable levels of acceptance at local level and enhance accessibility to the areas of operations.
  • When delegated by line managers, represent INTERSOS at governorate- or local-level security meetings or coordination forums.
  • When delegated by line managers, participate in meetings with communities and other non-government stakeholders regarding access or other issues related to INTERSOS activities.
  • Report to the line managers on the progress of on-going procedures and raise alerts in case of expected delays or changes in laws or government procedures which may affect INTERSOS access and approvals for activities.
  • Liaise with checkpoints or other relevant authorities to facilitate movements of INTERSOS staff, visitors or donors to the area of operations.
  • Coordinate with Logistics team and Baghdad Liaison Officer in order to ensure NOC letters are obtained in a timely manner to facilitate staff and vehicle movements.


Other responsibilities:

  • Perform other safety, security and liaison-related tasks as assigned by line managers.
  • Uphold and strictly follow the INTERSOS Code of Ethics and internal procedures, policies (PSEA, CPP etc) and SOPs.

Ensure respect for the core humanitarian principles of neutrality, impartiality, independence and humanity, as well as respect of the “do no harm” principle of humanitarian action.

Person Specification:

Education and professional experience:

  • University degree or equivalent in professional experience related to safety and security, communication and liaison, or other relevant sector.
  • Minimum 2 years of relevant professional experience


Competencies: (Knowledge, Skills & Abilities)

  • Demonstrated knowledge of safety and security principles.
  • Good knowledge of the Ninewa security context, and demonstrated ability to build and maintain effective communication with government, security forces, INGO and other relevant contacts in the governorate.
  • Excellent communication, negotiation and diplomacy skills.
  • Basic computer literacy (Word, Excel, Power Point) .
  • Analytical and report writing skills .
  • Strong planning and organizational skills.
  • High confidentiality, non-discriminatory attitude, and ability to work within a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural environment.
  • High integrity and commitment to humanitarian principles and to INTERSOS Code of Ethics, PSEA, CP and other policies.
  • Strong team spirit and demonstrated leadership skills.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Valid driver’s license



  • Fluency in Arabic and English (written and spoken)

More Information

  • This job has expired!