Senior designer

Job Overview

Job title: Senior designer
Location: Baghdad
Purpose of the job: Responsible for design, and deployment of Projects
Working hours: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Main responsibilities and duties:
– Reading Professionally for Design and give drawings of the Implementations
– Serve as a technical consultant for low current systems projects.
– Carrying out regular inspections to ensure compliance with relevant legal requirements,
processes, and procedures.
– Assess the suitability of the plan as complete and ready for a test
–  Execute of Commissioning and Testing.
– Undertaking relevant research.
– Initialize and deployment of data networks and IT systems.
– Ensuring that objectives and deadlines are met.
– managing different parts of ICT projects.
– supervising crew members, preparing estimates for time and material costs
– completing quality assurance, observing health and safety standards

– Work in uncomfortable outdoor and indoor climates.
– Install and configure all low current systems.
– Testing, maintaining and modifying existing systems
– Working collaboratively with design engineers, operation engineers, purchasers and other
internal staff
– Designing and developing new Low current systems
– Analyzing data and presenting findings in written reports
– Providing advice and consultancy support
– Other Duties as assigned by direct Manager within scope of the work.

Qualification required:

– 7+ years’ experience in this field

– Good command in English language (Oral and Written)
– Proficient in the use of computer-aided design (CAD)
– Proficient in Computer HW and SW

– Bachelor`s Degree in computer Science, Communications, Telecommunication or any
relevant field


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