Toyota Iraq

Senior Leasing Specialist

Job Overview

Senior Leasing Specialist will play a crucial role in supporting the Revenue Section by effectively bridging the gap between the Leasing and Finance Departments.
Reporting to the Value Chain Manager and BIT General Manager, will be responsible for ensuring accurate revenue calculations and maintaining seamless communication between the Leasing and Finance teams.

Leasing and Finance Collaboration:

Foster effective communication and collaboration between the Leasing and Finance Departments.
Coordinate regular meetings and discussions to ensure alignment on leasing strategies and financial goals.
Facilitate information flow between teams to enhance overall operational efficiency.

Revenue Section Support:

Oversee and guide the Revenue Section in performing accurate revenue calculations for leasing transactions.
Provide support in resolving complex revenue-related issues and challenges.
Conduct regular reviews of revenue processes to identify opportunities for improvement.

Financial Analysis:

Conduct in-depth financial analyses to evaluate the impact of leasing activities on overall financial performance.
Identify trends, patterns, and anomalies in financial data, offering insights to inform decision-making.
Collaborate with the finance team to develop and implement strategies for optimizing revenue and profitability.

Contract Review and Compliance:

Review leasing contracts to ensure compliance with financial policies, accounting standards, and regulatory requirements.
Work closely with legal and compliance teams to address any contractual discrepancies or concerns.
Stay updated on changes in leasing regulations and standards, ensuring continuous compliance.

Documentation and Recordkeeping:

Establish and maintain a systematic recordkeeping system for all leasing transactions and financial data.
Ensure documentation accuracy and completeness for internal and external audit purposes.
Implement best practices for efficient documentation management within the leasing department.


Prepare regular reports on leasing performance, revenue trends, and financial key performance indicators (KPIs).
Present findings to management, providing clear and actionable recommendations.
Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to address any issues identified through reporting.

Team Collaboration:

Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including sales, operations, and customer service, to enhance overall leasing operations.
Act as a resource for teams requiring financial insights related to leasing transactions.
Participate in strategic planning sessions to contribute to the development of comprehensive leasing strategies.

Continuous Improvement:

Proactively identify opportunities for process improvement within the leasing and revenue sections.
Implement enhancements to streamline workflows, reduce errors, and enhance overall efficiency.
Stay informed about industry best practices and emerging trends in leasing and financial management.

Training and Development:

Provide training and guidance to leasing and finance team members on revenue calculation processes and compliance requirements.
Foster a culture of continuous learning and skill development within the team.

Skills and Competencies

Financial Acumen:
Solid understanding of financial principles, lease accounting, and revenue recognition.

Analytical Skills:
Strong ability to analyze complex financial data and derive meaningful insights.

Communication Skills:
Excellent written and verbal communication for effective collaboration and presentation.

Interpersonal Skills:
Strong interpersonal abilities to foster positive relationships with cross-functional teams.

Attention to Detail:
Meticulous attention to detail to ensure accuracy in calculations and documentation.

Flexibility and adaptability to navigate changes in the leasing and financial landscape.

Leadership and Teamwork:
Leadership qualities to guide and support the Revenue Section effectively.

Problem Solving:
Proactive problem-solving skills to address challenges and implement effective solutions.


Experience and Qualification
• Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, or related field.
• Proven experience in leasing operations, with a focus on revenue calculation and financial analysis.
• Strong understanding of financial principles, lease accounting, and revenue recognition.
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to facilitate effective collaboration between departments.
• Analytical mindset with the ability to interpret and present complex financial data.
• Detail-oriented with a commitment to accuracy and compliance.

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