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Senior logistic officer

Job Overview


  • Responsible for the planning, oversight, management, and coordination of logistics support operations.
  • Responsible for all Procurement, vehicle fleet, asset, and warehouse management in the project.
  • Develop and implement logistic strategy and procedure and ensure integration of logistic operation.
  • Ensure that local market surveys are regularly carried out, to ensure a full knowledge of the availability and price of local items.
  • Ensure that all procurements are tracked and recorded.
  • Prepare a list of preferred suppliers for all items regularly required during operations.
  • Update preferred supplier list and do quality control on their products /prices/ services on a regular basis.
  • Interact with finance on all related matters to ensure they are updated on issues requiring their intervention.
  • Following up purchase orders progress & stock transactions.
  • Creating a plan or time-table for the movement of materials, heavy equipment, and light trucks
  • Providing logistic support and overseeing the overall logistic processes.


Required Qualification

  • Bachelor of administration and/or equivalent professional experience in the logistic field, with 4 years of experience at senior level.
  • Strong organizational and problem-solving skills with an analytic approach
  • Strong interpersonal, management, and leadership skills
  • Strong negotiation, interpersonal and organization skills
  • Strong IT skills desired.
  • Proficiency with MS Word and Excel.

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