Senior network Eng.

Job Overview

Company Description

Our specialty in the Iraqi market is to sell, distribute, operate, install, decorate, design and innovate green energy-efficient lighting systems.

Job Description

  Installs and maintains computers` hardware

Installs and repair specified software packages to keep all users updated with suitable and effective software packages.

Instruct users in use of equipment and software to avoid miss use and waist time.

Collect user’s feedback after finishing any technical service to insure that the service done without any problems.

Update information technology library with the new versions of drivers or applications to minimize the down time per pc.

Provide network assistance to users, including help with network connections and passwords to insure proper workflow.

Present a weekly report to his/her direct supervisor includes all tasks have been done and tasks still in progress and users feedback.

Instruct users in saving data to void duplicated effort and to insure that the important data backed up.

Work on a quarterly maintenance plan to keep the company pc’s in a good performance.

Provides business’s system support and training for software users

Develops and implements plans for software conversions and user training;

Develops system documentation;

Provides technical and operational support to users

Tests systems, features and enhancements

Answer user questions, explains system operation and requirements

Develop and prepare training materials and provides support for system user training workshops, present new system features and enhancement provide one on one training as needed

Performs other duties as and when requested by the direct manager that can develop the skills and abilities.

Maintaining network system and diverse equipment.

Identifying and solving network problems.

Assisting and advising network use.

Supervising the performance of system.

Working closely with other department of IT.

Updating security programs for system.

Preparing user account and anti-virus system.


B.SC Degree (preferred in related field)

Certificate in IT is preferred.

3-5 years of experience in IT

Additional Information

Technical Skills

  • Infrastructure/platforms.
  • I.T. procurement and asset management.
  • IT Testing and Security
  • Mikrotik Router experience

Job Specific Skills

  • Business analysis.
  • Database design and management.

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