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Service Manager

Job Overview

            Key Responsibilities

  •  Studying the technical and organizational documents that are shared with us by Apple and creating the necessary tools to follow up on their implementation and the work team’s compliance with what is required.
  •  Make the necessary updates in the. Task List for the team under his management to adapt to the requirements of each stage.
  •  Ensure that the technical team follows the correct work steps – based on Apple documents – and carry out the necessary training for them, along with a daily study of the business cards that the technicians opened and closed, and ensure that they comply with the required conditions.
  •  Carrying out field visits to maintenance centers in all governorates of Iraq and making the required technical and organizational assessments.
  •  Studying the equipment and ESD documents, ensuring that they comply with the required standards, and following up on the necessary certifications.
  •  Follow up the training of technicians (the training imposed by Apple and the internal training that he must do).
  •  Follow-up on cases of device release from warranty and approval.
  •  Study the reports of Apple’s monthly technical evaluations of the work team and verify the results of the work of each one of the work team.
  •  Study the reports of Backlog devices, Can’t Be Fixed, and Customer Didn’t accept repair daily, and do what is in accordance with the required general policies.
  •  Studying Customer Satisfaction reports and taking the necessary procedures to improve the level of customer service.
  •  Carrying out periodic meetings with the work team to discuss and study the results of the work in addition to the technical and organizational bulletins from Apple.
  •  Follow up on the total workload and take appropriate measures to improve it.
  •  Study the Stock periodically and do what is necessary regarding it (Order, Re-allocate, Buyback).
  •  Carrying out the necessary studies for maintenance centers and new assembly points.
  •  Carry out the necessary official correspondence with the parent company.
  •  Make constructive suggestions in cooperation with the Marketing Department to achieve public awareness of maintenance services.
  •  Assisting the work team in times of work pressure in accomplishing what is required of them.
  •  Studying the monthly KPI for the work team and taking the appropriate procedures for its development.

         Required skills:

  • To have experience in the field of maintenance in agency companies (regardless of the brand) exclusively (and those who have experience working with Apple maintenance previously have priority).
  • His field of study should be related to technical matters.
  • Ability to communicate well in English.
  • Skill in communicating with customers.
  • Preparing analytical reports for the work study.
  • Familiarity with office programs in general, and analytical and organizational programs in particular.

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