Service/Material Purchasing Team Leader (BA-3)

Job Expired

Job Overview

1.      Fully execute the corporate institutions and procurement procedure

2.      Review material requisition raised by user department

3.      Complete the rigorous and considerable plan for procurement based on the feature of every project

4.      Coordinate and carry out the market research, Be familiar with market information and sources of supplies

5.      Correspond with suppliers to obtain price, specifications and delivery information

6.      Negotiate price, quality and delivery terms while assuring compliance

7.      Responsibility for coordinating and completing the procurement for equipment, material spare parts and other.

8.      Establish contingency strategies for our core products to ensure on time delivery and quality

9.      Prepare Tender Strategy and ITB documents for various tender.

10.   Handle various clarification during announcement period and evaluation period.

11.   Coordinate the MdOC witness team and SOMO representative to attend the bid opening.

12.   Assist MdOC witness team and user to finalize the technical evaluation.

13.   Prepare the TC meeting presentation to report the bidding status; 14. Reply MdOC letter regarding the relevant tender issue 15. Prepare Tender Evaluation Report and Contract draft.

16.   Responsible for interpretation of the audit issues

17.   Make payment for purchasing contract or order

18.   Review the invoice on OA system

19.   Responsible for major projects to get approval from parent company or JMC

20.   Coordinate between rep. of Md.OC and User.


  1. Bachelor’s degree;
  2. 8 years of experience;
  3. English level: skilled;
  4. Computer level: skilled;
  5. CET 6;
  6. Procurement management;
  7. To be healthy physically and mentally.
  8. International procurement experience.

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