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– Divide the project into time periods commensurate with the total duration specified for the project.

– Follow up the project progress plan in the field. And its compatibility with the time plan and the required quality, to deliver the project in a timely manner.

– Studying and organizing technical contracts with all project contractors and being able to negotiate with them.

-In line with the required quality management and time management.

– Issuance of permits and licenses necessary for projects.

– Preparing files, studies and documents related to the project and coordinating with those concerned, making the necessary updates on them.

– Work on making the budget for the project in line with the time plan and the required quality plan.

– Track all stages of project completion from a financial point of view and ensure that the budget is covered as planned.

– Ensuring that the field implementation of the project conforms to the engineering plans that were approved before the start of the project in accordance with the project data.

– Provide the necessary data, reports and charts on a weekly basis to track the progress of work.

– Visiting the site and making sure of the engineering measurements of everything on the site (in all its details) and matching it with the AutoCAD plans before sharing any file with anyone. And work on limiting the real area of ​​​​the project.

– Traveling to all governorates of Iraq in order to complete projects there and follow them up periodically.

– Work on the implementation of 2D and 3D designs for projects.

– Follow-up of completed projects in terms of workshops and the necessary periodic maintenance.

– Follow-up projects in the field and visit them periodically and ensure the completion of each stage of work and make the necessary assessments to ensure the quality of the completion of each stage.

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