American University of Iraq Baghdad

Simultaneous Interpreter

Job Overview

This position will report directly to the Director of Marketing and Communication


As a simultaneous interpreter at the American University of Iraq Baghdad, you would need to be able to interpret from source language, in this case Iraqi dialect, to English.

This is usually done in only one direction, Iraqi dialect into English, but you may be required to interpret on a two-way basis.

You may carry out interpreting in person or by telephone, video conferencing and internet-based technologies (remote interpreting). Interpreting is done in the following ways at AUIB:

  • Simultaneous interpretation (SI) – you’ll typically sit in a soundproof booth and immediately convert what’s being said. Listeners hear the interpretation though a translation device, while the speaker is still speaking.
  • Consecutive interpretation (CI) – you’ll listen to the speaker talking for certain period of time, whole speech, then interpret what’s been said into the target language. This is mainly used in smaller meetings such as business meetings, training, and presentations.
  • Liaison interpretation – also known as ad hoc and relay, you’ll typically interpret into and out of the target language a few phrases at a time. It’s common in public service interpreting and at smaller meetings or negotiations.

Strategic Objectives that Candidate Needs to Meet

American University of Baghdad Iraq plays a significant role in the development of Iraq, with international audiences, the vision, mission, and education style must be conveyed in a proper and accurate manner.

Correct phrases, words and information must be translated and interpreted within the environment of AUIB.

Core Skills that successful candidate will have:

  • Listen carefully to what the speaker is saying
  • Assimilate speakers’ words quickly, including jargon and acronyms
  • Build up specialist vocabulary banks
  • Reproduce what has been said in the relevant language
  • Write notes to aid memory
  • Use equipment such as microphones and headsets where appropriate
  • Prepare paperwork – reviewing agendas before meetings, or lectures and speeches when received in advance
  • Conduct research to make sure you’re fully informed on topics before assignments
  • Organize workload and liaise with internal departments, agencies, and employers
  • Work to a professional code of ethics covering confidentiality and impartiality.


  • Convert concepts in the source language to equivalent concepts in the target language
  • Compile information and technical terms into glossaries and terminology databases to be used in their oral renditions and translations
  • Speak, read, and write fluently in at least two languages, one of which is English
  • Relay the style and tone of the original language
  • Render spoken messages accurately, quickly, and clearly
  • Apply their cultural knowledge to render an accurate and meaningful interpretation or translation of the original message


Experience, Skills, and Educational Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree.

Interpreters need to have the ability to comprehend accurately and quickly what is said in their working language.

At least 1 year of experience directly related to the duties and responsibilities specified.


Application Procedure:

Applications should include:

  • Cover Letter.
  • Updated Curriculum Vitae.
  • Copies of Passport Data information page.
  • References (contact details) for up to three individuals who are familiar with your work.
  • Copies of all formal academic degrees and certificates.
  • Copies of your Transcripts.

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Confidential review of materials and screening of candidates will begin immediately.

Please apply through AUIB website OR send your application and supporting documents to the following email address: [email protected]


If an applicant has any relatives working at AUIB this must be disclosed in writing in the cover letter.

If you have not heard back from us after 3 weeks, it means that your application was not successful.


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