Site Engineer

Job Expired

Job Overview

1.Work on wired and wireless networks

2.Work on the light current infrastructure systems

3.Work on Viber Optic

4.Working on light current systems such as (fire and sound systems, cameras and security systems)

5.Operation, installation and maintenance of systems

6.The ability to visit websites and make a survey site

7.Design simplified schematics for the aforementioned systems

8.Analyze and interpret data and submit reports.

9.Work within tight schedules as part of a high-performance team

10.Negotiate with customers the requirements of products, and provide technical guidance.

11.Finding innovative solutions to meet network design challenges.


Required Skills

– Proficiency in the English language

– Proficiency in design software

– Proficiency in office software

– 3 years Experience


More Information

  • This job has expired!