Sr. Backend Engineer

Job Overview

Job description

Miswag is leading e-commerce in the industry with the goal of building the most innovative and efficient tech organization in Iraq. We are looking for back-end artisans who are passionate about building, maintaining, and improving tools to automate and ensure the efficiency of processes across different teams in Miswag.

The right candidate enjoys working in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, is willing to learn and take on new challenges, and understands the importance of engineering in tech solutions. You will be joining an existing team of back-end, DevOps, and front-end engineers.


  • Develop new features and maintain existing ones for internal and customer-facing tools.

  • Participate in designing and architecting new systems.

  • Conduct benchmarks and stress tests to ensure system durability.

  • Derive engineering requirements from business requirements.

  • Write tests and documentation where it suits.

  • Maintain high coding standards and consistency with our guidelines and conventions.


Job requirements



  • 3+ years of experience in back-end development (Preferably using PHP/Laravel)

  • Experience with HTML, CSS, and JS.

  • Experience with MySQL or Postgres.

  • Experience with Redis.

  • Good understanding of concepts such as OOP, SOLID, and DDD.

  • Experience with writing tests using PHP Units or PEST.

  • Good understanding of Queues, Broadcasting (WebSockets), Caching, or Indexing concepts.

  • Capability to trace, profile, and measure web application performance using profiling tools to identify performance issues.

  • Experience with Git and Gitflow.


Bonus points

  • Experience with AWS (even lightly), Docker/Kubernetes, and Linux in general.

  • Experience with Tailwind and Livewire.

  • Experience with different paradigms of databases such as key-value, graph, or wide-column with the understanding of the whys and wheres it fits the best.

  • Experience with Swoole or Roadrunner. (pst… Octane counts in)

  • Experience with static analyzers such as PHPStan or Pslam.

  • Good knowledge of PHP 8+ new improvements and how to utilize them.


Tech Stack
  • Infrastructure: AWS, Lambda, EKS, EC2s, API Gateway, and Cloudformation.
  • Data Layer: MySQL, Postgres, and DynamoDB.
  • Data Warehouse: AWS Glue (ETLs) and Athena.
  • Languages: PHP (Majorly), Golang (Lambdas).
  • Frameworks: Laravel.


We encourage learning and exploration. You don’t have to know everything mentioned here.

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