Korek Telecom

(Sr.) Electrical Technician

Job Overview


Responsible for daily preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and quality of power of sites.


Key Responsibilities

  • Maintain and repair Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic systems and equipment.
  • Assist in running an efficient maintenance operation which is able to fulfil operational.
  • Understand and work in accordance with the company‚Äôs quality requirements.
  • Perform effective diagnosis of breakdowns and timely repair of equipment to maximize availability.
  • Record and document all work carried out on all equipment on both paper and electronic systems as is required.
  • Control and source maintenance tools, equipment and spares.
  • Understand and work in accordance with mandatory requirements of Health, Safety and Environmental requirements.
  • Apply specific technical skills as required to support expediting issues quickly to minimize downtime.
  • Manage activities of a complex nature.



  • Good knowledge in Electrical Board.
  • Good knowledge in electrical principle.
  • Good knowledge in Small deasil generator.


Work Experience



Diploma in Electricity or other relevant field.



  • Kurdish (required)
  • Arabic (preferred)
  • English (preferred)

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