STTA Senior PFM Law Legal Advisor

Job Expired

Job Overview

Project Background:

The purpose of the Iraq Governance and Performance Accountability (IGPA) project is to advance effective, accountable, and transparent governance in Iraq.  The USAID effort, works with the Government of Iraq (GOI), including the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) at all levels to better responds to citizen needs by supporting the reform initiatives and Iraqi change agents on inclusive governance and public sector transparency, accountability, and economy.  “Reform Initiatives” includes support to improve service delivery functions, public financial management, and open government initiatives.  IGPA will support the GOI and the citizens of Iraq in forming partnerships and collaborative efforts to solve problems jointly.  IGPA has four objectives:


  1. Enhance GOI service delivery capacity


  2. Improve public financial management


  3. Strengthen monitoring and oversight of service delivery and public expenditures


  4. Support Iraqi change agents (cross cutting objective)


The IGPA/Takamul project is supporting the Government of Iraq Council of Ministers Secretariat in the development and dissemination of regulations for implementing the Government of Iraq Federal Financial Management Law No. 6 (PFM Law). Law 6 mandates COMSec to prepare regulations for implementing the said law, which was enacted by the COR in August 2019.

The Public Financial Management Law, Law No. 6, was approved by the Council of Representatives on August 8, 2019.  The PFM law provides the foundation for the Government of Iraq at the national and provincial level to implement PFM practices to increase transparency and accountability of public resources and to further define the financial authorities of provincial governments.  The legal advisor will provide legal advisory work related to the drafting of the PFM law regulations by the key stakeholders (Ministry of Finance, Federal Board of Supreme Audit, COMSEC, Ministry of Planning and other key PFM institutions) to help to ensure the regulations clarify and provide clear instructions to spending units for implementing the law and the Law 21 fiscal decentralization provisions are take into consideration when preparing instructions for the related PFM Law decentralization provisions (Article 29 and Article 44).  The legal advisor will support the IGPA project with building awareness and training on the regulations for the spending units through development of related awareness materials and conducting workshops.


Responsibilities and Key Tasks:

The Senior Legal Advisor will:

PFM Law Regulations Implementation:

  • Provide legal advisory work related to the review and finalization of the PFM law regulations


  • Support the IGPA project team to deliver workshops/seminars for spending units on following the regulations for implementing the PFM law and related PFM law awareness workshops


  • Provide support to the PFM team for recording and reporting on the results of PFM law working meetings and related events conducted by the stakeholders related to the PFM law regulations

Fixed Assets Registry Support:

  • Provide legal advisory work related to the transfer of fixed assets from the line Ministries to their decentralized directorates to ensure the infrastructure and governance structure is in place for fixed assets management and tracking at the provincial level in accordance with GOI laws and regulations


  • Other tasks as needed to fulfill the objectives of the COMSEC activity scope of work and related activities




Required Qualification

  • At least a Masters’ degree in law
  • At least 10 years of experience working with Iraqi judicial system at both Federal and provincial levels
  • Prior work experience will federal and local revenue laws and regulations.
  • Excellent legal writing skills in Arabic with adequate communication skills in English is preferred but not required.
  • Familiarity with Law 21, relevant Iraqi laws and regulations
  • Published legal studies


  • Writing skills with the ability to prepare legal review and analysis reports
  • Training and capacity building skills
  • Computer skills in MS office package
  • Effective communication and facilitation skills with persuasion abilities
  1. General Statement

The Senior PFM Law Legal Advisor will be based at their home base with trips to Baghdad,

Erbil and other provinces as needed to fulfill the tasks of this scope of work. Under this SoW, IGPA/Takamul project will be responsible to cover all other indirect implementation costs including: Air and ground transportation, lodging, Per-diem, and phone communications.


All deliverables should be prepared in English and Arabic.


More Information

  • This job has expired!