Subcontractor Management Officer

Job Overview


Job Summary:

This position is responsible for Administer all subcontracting activities such as signing, archiving, termination, continuity and renewing and assisting commercial in FTTH regions subcontractor nomination process by coordinating with IRQNBB and all stakeholders and reporting all required data to finalize proper nomination of subcontractor and conducting monitoring and tracking of subcontractor compliance to contract terms.

Also responsible for archiving of all formal documents that are initiated and depended within sales department related processes

Job Duties:

  • Administer all subcontracting activities such as signing, archiving, termination, continuity and renewing.
  • Explain contracts’ terms and conditions to the customer and make sure that its fully understood.
  • Act as link point between the subcontractor, assignment committee for FTTH service contracts and our company.
  • Follow up the legal procedures of contracts with related departments.
  • Perform data entry of all activities “signing, archiving, termination, continuity and renewing” on sheets.
  • Monitor subcontractors’ performance, compliance status and report their growth, and ensure that all subcontractors’ complaints are being handled, resolved, and reported within monitoring process of subcontractor performance.
  • Participate with Sales team to interview the nominates of FTTH zones To ensure the contractor’s readiness
  • Maintain full documentation and ensure that all records are accurate and up to date.
  • Create status reports regarding progress on contracts.
  • Reviewing existing contracts.
  • Stay up-to date with legislative changes and coordinate with the legal department as needed.
  • Provide reports for upper management as required.
  • Conduct proper archiving of 100% of sales sections formal depended on documents with external entities.
  • Maintain full monitoring and tracking of archived documents with reportable data to major terms and expiration dates.


Education:BSc in Business Administration or any related field.

Years of Experience:Minimum 1 Years’ experience.

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