Norwegian People's Aid (NPA)


Job Expired

Job Overview

Function Prerequisite:

The Surveyor is part of the Non-Technical Survey Team (NTS) and must be able to independently or as part of the team find sources of information, compare conflicting information, conduct analysis of existing records, evaluate hazard information, conduct field survey, interview informants and identify mines, sub-munitions, ERW and conduct EORE for beneficiaries including children living in/around hazardous areas as well as schools.  Information gathered must be accurately recorded into NPA reporting forms.


General Responsibilities:

  • Work within the framework of NPA core values
  • Act as an ambassador for NPA, through professionalism and conduct
  • Adhere to all NPA policies, regulations and procedures
  • Maintain and care for all equipment issued by NPA and for any loss or damage, you will be liable for repair or replacement
  • Follow all verbal and/or written instructions, unless in direct violation of safety and duty of care
  • Ensure a safe workplace and protect all staff and equipment from damage/ injury


  • Use handheld GPS, take coordinates
  • Use compass, take compass bearings
  • Interview informants
  • Identify ERW
  • Drawing of maps
  • Measuring distances on the ground
  • Investigate any new evidence of ERW and report to Team Leader
  • Use and fill hazard reports, victim reports and others
  • Selecting reference points and positioning benchmarks
  • Perform EORE sessions to beneficiary individuals and groups
  • Perform PCIA tasks quarterly for land released or as required
  • Perform any other tasks as assigned by Immediate Superior

Required Qualifications:

Must have

  • Ability to learn quickly
  • Good social interaction abilities, including with children


  • Knowledge of Bedouin tribal culture
  • Demining/BAC/Survey/NTS/EORE Course
  • Drivers (manual) License


Must have

  • Basic computer skills


  • Experience working in Mine Action
  • English language

Other Qualifications:

  • Verbal and written proficiency in Arabic
  • Good interpersonal skills with communities at village level
  • Good communication and understanding skills
  • Able to work effectively under stressful situations and to difficult conditions
  • Willingness and ability to travel within the country and stay in temporary accommodation

Note : this position only for female

More Information

  • This job has expired!