Wataniya Group

Surveyor Engineer

Job Overview

Position Purpose:

This position is 90% outside exposure.
Assistant Surveyor is responsible to assist Surveyor, involve in land Survey activities at Wataniya Group’s different Project Sites. He is responsible, for all related Survey support activities, Marking, setting up equipment, out-based daily project site work, sensitive equipment handling, etc. He should ensure that all works are validated under the supervision of the Surveyor/ Site Engineer on Wataniya – different Project sites.

Position Accountabilities:

Assistant Surveyor is responsible to follow the direction & instructions of the Surveyor/ Site engineer in
different Project sites. He will be involved in writing correctly and communicating accurate information to Project Site Engineer/ Surveyor.
He is accountable to maintain the safety of all survey equipment, and devices in the project office/ Store to ensure all the equipment is always in good, in Perfect working condition, and ready for use at any time.


BSc or Diploma civil, Survey
1. He has good exposure to Assisting the Surveyor in carrying out field surveys activities, and report
to Surveyor/ Site Engineer for any concern related to the site surveys.
2. Experienced as Assistant Surveyor is capable and conduct minor routine survey activities as
instructed by the Surveyor /Site engineer in Sites.
3. Familiar with Maintaining the safety of surveying equipment and ensuring accurate position and
setup around the site location under survey to enable precise survey location and follow
1. Self-motivation to achieve chartered status and behavioral skills.
2. Additional not mandatory skills but value-added, is Computer literate with working knowledge of



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