System Completions Lead Mechanical & Piping Engineer

Job Overview


System Completions Lead Mechanical & Piping Engineer


Basra, Iraq for 28/28 rotation

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Job Title

System Completions Lead Mechanical & Piping Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities:


  • The System Completions Lead Mechanical & Piping Engineer shall be responsible for the Completition of the new mechanical and piping facilities. He will participate in the development of the Operational readiness Plan and ensure that all FPD and CSU plans are developed and implemented on the project.
  • The Senior Mechanical Commissioning engineer has delegated responsibilities for the new facilities that have to be discussed and agreed with QPH and Asset responsible for the plant.


Key responsibilities include:

  • Develop project Mechanical Commissioning and Start-up (CSU) bases plans
  • Set up Systemization (define Mechanical commissioning systems)
  • Define CSU Mechanical activities per Commissioning System
  • Set up activity description-logic relationships-resources/vendor support/special tools-temporary facilities-durations
  • Set up system testing Mechanical scope
  • Develop Work Execution Mechanical Flow Commissioning Scheme (WEFS)
  • Develop project commissioning plans, integrate commissioning activities into project execution plan for Mechanical & Piping discipline.
  • Provide CSU schedule input into overall project plans
  • Develop Mechanical Commissionable System Definition
  • Develop Mechanical Commissioning & Start up Activity List
  • Develop Mechanical Commissioning Consumables List
  • Manage Mechanical interface with the Asset’s operations & maintenance functions
  • Manage support and interface with the P&T’s ORA functions

Education, Skills & Experience:



  • BSc., University degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent


Experience and Skill set

  • Minimum 10 years-experience in Oil and Gas related project Design and Engineering
  • 7 years in Oil and Gas Operations or Project Engineering positions, with experience in Mechanical Commissioning & Start-up
  • 5 years-experience as a Senior Mechanical Commissioning engineer in project delivery
  • Experience in the Middle East, Utilities and gas processing are an advantage, as is front-end Mechanical engineering experience.
  • A good understanding of modern systematic pre-commissioning processes is important as well as a detailed knowledge of systems & tools required to deliver successful CSU on a major project including Flawless methodology for Mechanical discipline.
  • Experience in Systems Completions tools such as GoCompletions would be a desirable advantage.
  • Experience in med size / major projects which must involve gas facilities integration is required,
  • Also experience with major brown field project work that include shutdown or upgrade activities and exposure to working in multi-cultural environments across the globe is desirable.
  • The ability and desire to follow a project from concept selection to steady state operations, through FEED, detailed design, construction, commissioning and handover, supported by relevant experience
  • Strong, and demonstrated, personal commitment to HSSE Leadership and experience in managing HSSE throughout all project phases.
  • Knowledge of Flange Management and Gross Air Leak Testing would be desirable.
  • Ability to work and manage in a multi-cultural environment in the Mechanical discipline.
  • Fluent in English both spoken and written.

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