Wataniya Group

Technical Marketing Specialist

Job Overview

·       Performs regular quality tests for the released products across southern cities of Iraq and review their results

·       Provide qualitative and quantitative research used to evaluate market conditions and new geography initiatives

·       Plan, organize and implement a market survey to obtain data that provides insight into market trends and consumer requirements

·       To visit markets periodically and Patch-plant to understand the market dynamics, meet dealer’s expectation and expand the network to attain sales objectives

·       Understanding customer expectations through extensive research across multiple categories

·       Collect samples from the various competitors and create data specific sheet aligning with the laboratory

·       Collect data on consumers, competitors, and marketplace and consolidate information into actionable items, reports, and presentations

·       Strong communication with (Governmental, Universities, and Private) test labs

·       Benchmark among different products by testing them and comparing them with Saman Cements product test results

·       Ensuring product quality at RMX, Projects, and retailer shops

·       Receiving complaints about the quality of the product and insure to respond to them

·       Enhancing customers with the product quality using various ways including workshops seminars … etc

·       Meet with potential and existing dealers to grow strong, long-lasting business and customer relationships

Report market activities, developments, updates, including competitor actions, to the management team

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