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Topographic instrument operator

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Duties and Responsibilities:

Set up and calibrate surveying instruments, including total stations, theodolites, levels, and GPS equipment.
Assist surveyors in accurately measuring distances, angles, elevations, and coordinates using the provided instruments.
Record and document precise measurements, observations, and data in field notebooks or digital devices.
Identify and locate natural and man-made features on construction sites, such as buildings, roads, utility lines, and terrain characteristics.
Collaborate closely with surveyors, engineers, and other team members to ensure accurate data collection and seamless project execution.
Transfer collected field data into digital formats for further analysis, processing, and mapping.
Utilize specialized software to process survey data and create accurate topographic maps, boundary maps, and related documentation.
Maintain accurate records of surveying activities, field notes, and data collected during each project.
Communicate effectively with team members to provide updates on field observations, challenges, and progress.
Follow safety protocols and guidelines to ensure personal safety and the safety of the surveying team during fieldwork.
Troubleshoot and address minor equipment issues, and report any major equipment malfunctions to the appropriate personnel.
Adhere to local, state, and federal regulations related to surveying, construction, and land use.

Note: only Iraqi Nationality can apply for this position.

place of work: Iraq – Baghdad.

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  • This job has expired!