Korek Telecom

Transmission Design Expert

Job Overview

  • Transmission design & network optimization.
  • Transmission capacity expansion for existing network.
  • Track, update & benchmark transport network.
Key Responsibilities
  • Prepare planning guidelines, review existing network planning process and recommend improvements.
  • Design and plan for the transmission networks, (Fiber) and wireless (MW).
  • Network expansion planning.
  • Network transmission capacity management and optimization.
  • Fiber LL request and design approval for LTE and Hub sites.
  • Review fiber designs and prepare as built documents.
  • Microwave network planning to extend connectivity to all sites.
  • Fiber network planning for LTE expansion and to extend connectivity to all main and sub-hub sites.
  • LLD for fiber network design.
  • Create the HLD and LLD of 2G /3G/LTE networks transmission design.
  • Provide transmission engineer guideline LOS, design and plan on ITU basis.
  • Perform IPDCN design for the MW Network.
  • Synchronization design both ethernet (time) and frequency.
  • Familiar on pathloss 5 /Ellipse/ or other microwave planning tools.
  • Calculate microwave link propagation and perform link budget analysis, reflection, diffraction, duct fading, interference.
  • Excellent knowledge in microwave and fibre network technologies.
  • Good understanding on benchmarking transmission networks.
  • IP backhauling experience.
  • Transmission planning tools of mentum ellipse & pathloss 5 experinece.
  • IP / MPLS knowledge is a plus.
  • English (required)
  • Kurdish (required)
  • Arabic (preferred)


  • Number of Positions: 1
  • Experience: 5-10 years of work experience in relevant field.
  • Education: Bachelor Communication Engineering or a related field.
  • Location: Erbil

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