Turnaround Coordinator – dnata Erbil – 23000200

Job Overview

Job Purpose
Job Purpose
Acts as the primary point of contact at the aircraft for all stakeholders involved with the airport / aircraft turnaround operation, ensuring a consistently high standard of service is delivered to the airline customer. Responsible for ensuring completion of system and manual weight & balance procedures for all departing aircraft and the completion of all movement messages and other information required by customer airlines.

Encourages all staff resources to work towards an on- time departure and monitors the activities of all operational resources and service providers. Ensures that operating procedures are followed, and safe working practices are strictly adhered to.

Records engagement times and other key milestone timings and uses information in determining accurate delay coding / reasons.

Interacts with Flight & cabin Crew, Engineer, Caterers, Cargo, Ramp and Passenger Services staff to ensure any potential problems that may affect the turnaround are highlighted to the appropriate individuals. Adjusts the turnaround schedule to protect the integrity of the flight departure time.

Maintains full contact with dnata Duty Officer to allow full transparency of the critical path of turnaround activities.

Carries out and controls aircraft weight and balance for all departures in accordance with airline requirements. Provides Captain with required information such as EZFW, load sheet and ensures the impact of any LMC transactions after FF are incorporated and amended where necessary to ensure down line accuracy of all signals prior to PD status.

Completes movement messages/provides details as required by customer airline as well as inputting dnata information requirements necessary to complete ACHN for charging or KPI performance reporting purposes.
Responsible for supervising the loading and off-loading of aircraft in accordance with the loading instructions, liaising with all departments and sections where required. Ensures that any loading deviation is authorised by the Duty Officer before the release of an aircraft.

Completes all pre and post flight activities, and any other administrative requirements.

Conducts safety briefings regularly at the beginning of the shift to ensure that all safety standards are known and adhered to.

Ensures that operating procedures are followed, and safe working practices are strictly adhered to.

Responsible for the health and safety duty of care at the workplace.

Ensure to report any hazards, injuries, ill-health or near miss to your supervisor or employer.

Cooperate with your employer when they require something to be done for health and safety at the workplace.

Ensure knowledge of policies and procedures are understood and followed with respect to their position.

Maintain recurrent training and competences.

Qualifications & Experience
Knowledge & Skills:
– Minimum 3 years ground handling experience at an international airport in relevant areas of the operation, including aircraft loading, baggage handling, load control and documentation and passenger handling procedures.
– Proficient knowledge in Airport Operations

– Advanced IT and Computer Literacy Skills