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Job Overview

The Video Content Creator position is responsible for overseeing the planning, production, and editing of video-related Dlbeen Group media campaigns. He / She will work closely with other team members including creative specialists and account strategists to develop creative concepts that drive results. From there, they will work alongside the creative team, both collaboratively and independently, to complete the various tasks necessary to deliver final video content for advertising.

Our goal for this position is to primarily assist our creative team in developing short-form, attention-grabbing video advertising content. Ads will need to focus on grabbing a viewer’s attention within the first couple of seconds and effectively drive an intended conversion. Most ads will require multiple formats for a variety of placements on various platforms.

Key Responsibilities:
·    Collaborate with account strategists, digital creatives, and other team members to create video content that effectively drives results
·    Participate in developing creative strategy, brainstorming, and storyboarding for video projects
·    Oversee planning and necessary communications to prepare for gathering footage
·    Conduct both on-site and off-site video shoots
·    Edit social ads for various social media platforms
·    Oversee equipment upkeep and appropriate use of video equipment

·    Proven video editing and content creation experience
·    Detail-oriented and capable of producing a highly polished final product
·    Highly proficient in video production and video-related equipment
·    Highly proficient in Adobe Premiere and After Effects with some experience in other Adobe Creative Suite programs
·    Familiar with producing for social media channels and other video-based digital platforms
·    Capable of managing projects from start to finish, overseeing project timelines and deadlines, and handling client communications related to video projects.

More Information

  • This job has expired!