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The Videographer is responsible for capturing and producing video content for marketing, storytelling, documentation, and entertainment. This role involves operating cameras, capturing footage, and collaborating with editing teams to create compelling visual narratives.

مصور الفيديو مسؤول عن التقاط وإنتاج محتوى الفيديو للتسويق ورواية القصص والتوثيق والترفيه. يتضمن هذا الدور تشغيل الكاميرات والتقاط اللقطات والتعاون مع فرق التحرير لإنشاء روايات مرئية مقنعة.



  • Video Production: Shoot and record video content, adhering to creative briefs and project objectives.
  • Camera Operation: Operate video cameras, DSLRs, or other recording equipment, ensuring proper framing, focus, and composition.
  • Lighting and Sound: Set up and manage lighting and audio equipment to achieve desired visual and audio quality.
  • Storyboarding: Collaborate with creative teams to plan shots, develop concepts, and create shot lists.
  • Location Scouting: Identify and secure suitable shooting locations, considering logistics and permits.
  • On-Set Direction: Direct talent, subjects, and crew to achieve the desired look and feel of video shoots.
  • B-Roll and Cutaways: Capture supplementary footage, such as B-roll, cutaways, and establishing shots.
  • Equipment Maintenance: Ensure all videography equipment is properly maintained and in working condition.
  • Footage Management: Organize and manage video files, backups, and archives for post-production.
  • Quality Control: Review footage for technical quality and adherence to creative direction.
  • Client Collaboration: Work closely with clients or stakeholders to understand their vision and deliver on their video production needs.

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