Mike Sport - Iraq

Visual Merchandiser

Job Overview


The Visual Merchandiser is responsible for implementing a proper Store’s displays according to MS VM guidelines, store’s’ image and season’s theme.


  • Perform appropriate display and merchandising to enhance sales and stores’ window image and maximize attraction of customers into the stores.
  • Originate display ideas in order to attract a maximum number of customers, promote sales and improve the visibility of slow moving items in coordination with store managers.
  • Arrange properties, furniture and merchandise according to prearranged plans.
  • Supervise the requisition and construction of decorative materials such as wood, plastic, paper and glass as needed.
  • Maintain and manage window booking schedules as needed.
  • Observe and learn from the senior VM and demonstrate the same patterns in the smaller stores.
  • Assist in developing layouts, plan lighting arrangements and select themes, colors and props to be used when it is required on the job.
  • Follow up on the action plan of the department related to arranging properties, furniture and merchandise when required on the job.
  • Act based on the set schedule from the marketing team and make sure to be available in the required locations on time to perform the duty of facilitating the merchandising of the store windows or in – store merchandise.
  • Perform other duties that are aligned & related to the job scope.


  • Education: High School  Degree
  • Experience: At least 1-2 years of experience in similar field.
  • Linguistic Skills: Advanced in written & spoken English & Arabic, Kurdish.
  • Computer Skills: Proficiency in MS Office

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