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Warehouse Keeper

Job Overview


A warehouse keeper, also known as a warehouse clerk or warehouse worker, plays a crucial role in managing and maintaining the inventory of automotive parts and equipment in a warehouse or distribution center.


Inventory Management:

  • Receive, inspect, and record incoming automotive parts and products.
  • Ensure accuracy in counting and documenting received items.
  • Organize and maintain an orderly inventory system, which may include shelving, labeling, and categorizing items.
  • Perform regular cycle counts and reconcile discrepancies in inventory records.


Order Fulfillment:

  • Pick and pack automotive parts and products for outgoing orders.
  • Verify order accuracy by checking part numbers, quantities, and quality.
  • Prepare shipments for delivery or pick-up, including labeling and packaging.


Warehouse Maintenance:

  • Keep the warehouse clean, organized, and safe.
  • Monitor and maintain proper storage conditions, such as temperature and humidity, for sensitive automotive parts.
  • Perform routine equipment maintenance and report any issues to supervisors.


Documentation and Record Keeping:

  • Maintain accurate records of inventory levels, shipments, and receipts.
  • Generate and update reports on inventory status and order fulfillment.
  • Use computerized inventory management systems and software.


Quality Control:

  • Inspect automotive parts and products for damage, defects, or discrepancies.
  • Report any issues to supervisors and follow established quality control procedures.


Safety Compliance:

  • Adhere to safety protocols and guidelines to ensure a safe working environment.
  • Use personal protective equipment (PPE) as required.
  • Participate in safety training and follow emergency procedures.



  • Collaborate with other warehouse staff, shipping/receiving teams, and other departments as necessary.
  • Communicate with suppliers and customers regarding shipments, discrepancies, or order changes.


Forklift Operation (if applicable):

  • Operate forklifts or other material handling equipment to move, load, and unload heavy automotive parts and products.
  • Maintain a valid forklift operator’s license and follow safety protocols.


Problem Solving:

  • Resolve inventory discrepancies and address issues related to damaged or incorrect shipments.


Compliance with Regulations:

  • Adhere to all relevant laws, regulations, and company policies related to the handling and storage of automotive products.


Physical Requirements:

  • This job may require lifting and carrying heavy objects, standing for extended periods, and performing physically demanding tasks.
  • Automotive warehouse keepers play a vital role in ensuring the efficient and accurate movement of automotive parts and products within a warehouse or distribution center, ultimately contributing to the success of automotive-related businesses.


  • 1-3 years of Automotive Experience at reputable Automotive Companies
  • Advanced Skills in Using ERP System
  • High Communication Skills
  • Fluency in Arabic, English, and Kurdish
  • Iraqi Nationality

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