Harlem Cars Company

Warranty Coordinator / Administrator (Automotive)

Job Overview

Brief job description:
Understand the requirements for warranty administration detailed in Stellantis service Policies and Procedure Manual and make the Service Manager aware of any instances of non-compliance.

To help ensure that warranty repairs carried out to the highest standards of quality possible to ensure customer satisfaction.

To control the warranty system in order to avoid the risk of loss to the company.
Implement and comply with Harlem Cars and Stellantis approved Dealer Service & Parts Departments Policy & Procedures.

Some main functions:

• Maintain Warranty A/R
• Interdepartmental Relations
• Reconcile Schedules
• Monitor Campaigns
• Track Warranty Parts
• Close Repair Orders
• Base Information Data
• Process all warranty claims in a timely manner, as the repair orders are closed.
• Review and process all returned/rejected/adjusted warranty claims, track each claim until its final resolution.
• Check each repair order against the vehicles’ service history to avoid processing duplicate claims or submitting claims for shop comebacks.
• Contact the appropriate warranty claims representative regarding any claims requiring additional authorization or for claims requiring special assistance.
• Maintain a record of all claims submitted, returned/rejected, or paid and their current status.
• Establish and maintain positive and productive relationships with the manufacturer’s representatives

• Ensure that all Warranty Claims submitted at earliest possible time so that the payment will received immediately.
• Warranty Claim Memo sent to Service Manager for review regularly.
• Obtain ASM Approval Code to those Return Claims. ASM Approval appeared on the R.O. with corresponding Approval Personal Code and ASM Signature.
• High amount frequent operation to be reviewed by service manager.
• Repair Orders must be file in orderly manner as per Stellantis Policies and Procedure.
• ASM approval obtained on Warranty Claim Memo after inspection of selected Warranty Defective Parts in the Scrap Room.


– With a minimum of One year work experience in the Automotive Warranty Department
– Holding a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical, Electrical or Industrial Engineering or a Technical Diploma
– Accurate and pays attention to details

– Proven negotiation & problem-solving skills excellent written and verbal communication skills are required

–  Candidate must possess excellent math skills and display a proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office software such as Word, and PowerPoint
– With very good skill in the Arabic and English languages

– New engineer graduates are welcome to apply, for the internship program.

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