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Search for Common Ground (Search) is the world’s largest dedicated peacebuilding organization envisioning a world of safe, healthy, and just societies, free from the threat of violent conflict. Founded in 1982, Search works on the frontlines of today’s most consequential conflicts where millions of lives are at stake. Our core methodology is called the Common Ground Approach, through which we help adversaries learn to trust each other, create avenues for collaboration, and generate breakthroughs for peace. Search works in multiple countries across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, with our MENA Regional Office based in Amman.

Search started working in Iraq in 2016 through a regional Levant EU-funded consortium and officially set-up an office in Iraq in 2018. This work evolved into a permanent portfolio with our country office established in Erbil, KRI and Baghdad, GOI. The mission of Search Iraq is to enhance social cohesion between Iraqi committees, creating an enabling environment for stabilization and reconciliation.



Women, Youth, Peace and Security (WYPS) is a four-year program that aims to strengthen women and youth’s meaningful, enduring participation in advancing inclusive peace and security in the MENA region. Search for Common Ground has partnered with Women Empowerment Organization (WEO) to implement the program in Iraq. Recognizing that inclusive peace is mutually reinforced through bottom-up and top-down processes,will amplify the influence of youth and women peacebuilders at the grassroots level, catalyze broad inclusion of grassroots peacebuilders in municipal and national institutions and peace processes, and advance social norms that support the meaningful inclusion of diverse stakeholders in peace and security.


By consolidating influence, motivating institutions, and shifting social norms, the program will enable diverse women and youth’s increased and enduring participation in peace and security. The program also has the cross-cutting objectives of sensitizing and mobilizing influential male allies to promote women and youth’s leadership in peace and security and advancing regional networks, synergies, and cross-fertilization to strengthen inclusive peace and security. 



‘School of Peace’ is a youth focused media campaign component of the project. In Iraq, selected youth will attend a ‘School of Peace’ which will equip them with the skills to develop Social Media Campaigns to promote inclusive norms around women and youth’s involvement in peace and security and raise awareness of the WPS and YPS agendas. 

As part of the WYPS project, Search is seeking to hire a consultant to develop curriculum and deliver a series of training sessions  (in-person and virtual) related to media for peacebuilding for  19 youth activists from the different governorates of Iraq. The responsibilities of the consultant will be twofold. 

  • First, the consultant will work closely with the Project Manager to utilize data collected during the mapping assessment and develop training materials that cover the following topics: YPS/WPS agendas, media for peacebuilding, advocacy, leadership, social cohesion,  and how to design and implement social media campaigns. .  
  • Once the training materials are developed, the consultant will conduct an in-person extensive training for the 19 youth.  After the initial training, the consultant will be required to conduct additional follow-up trainings online. See the key deliverables for a detailed training plan and schedule.  


Key Deliverables

The consultant will be responsible for the following outputs:

Output  Timeline 
1 Curriculum Development Layout and Plan: The consultant will share a 1-2 page plan on the content that will be developed and the training plan.  First week of May 2023
2 Draft Curriculum Development: Initial Curriculum Development (Virtual or in-person depending on location of consultant). 

The Consultant will be responsible for developing a 3 day in-person training and 4 (2-hour) virtual training materials targeted at youth ranging from 18-30. The consultant can make use of  existing Search curriculum, and other curricula relevant to media for peacebuilding, Common Ground Approach (CGA), and digital peacebuilding. The Consultant will be responsible for developing content on the YPS/WPS agendas, advocacy, leadership, social cohesion, and how youth can design and implement impactful social media campaigns across the 19 governorates of Iraq. 

15 days in May 2023
3 Finalize Curriculums and Training Materials: The Consultant will finalize the English curriculums and training materials. This should include the development of the following for each training: 

  1. Training Curriculum
  2. Participant’s handouts (where applicable)
  3. Training Agenda
  4. PowerPoint Presentations, 
  5. M&E tools (e.g., pre-/post-test), 
  6. Other relevant materials as needed.
Last week of May 2023
4 School of Peace In-Person Capacity Building Event: The Consultant will conduct a 3-5 day training session in Erbil.  Mid-June 2023
5 Submission of Final Curriculums & Training Materials:  After conducting the trainings, the consultant will update the existing English training materials and submit the final versions to Search.  End June 2023
6 Final Report: The consultant will develop a short (5-10 page) final report covering the achievements of the in-person training, inclusive of the analysis of pre-post tests and outline recommendations for future action for Search/WEO.  July 2023
7 School of Peace Virtual Training Plan: The consultant will outline 4 additional topics to provide 2 hour virtual trainings based on the additional needs identified by the youth in the initial in-person training. Consultant will be responsible for sharing plans and PowerPoint presentations.  July 2023
8 School of Peace Virtual Capacity Building Trainings: The consultant will conduct 4 online training sessions (2 hours each) in English, Arabic and Kurdish, to the 19 youth participants  through the Zoom platform. December 2023

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