Triangle Generation Humanitarian

Case Worker

Job Overview

Position: Case Worker

Work place:  Sharqat with travel requirement

Duration:   Fixed term contract 6 months full time.

Status:   National position.

Under the supervision of: CPE officer
Direct management of: Non.
Functional links: Support Service, Program team

Salary range: the salary for this position will be 1103 USD under the category D07 of TGH salary scale



The employee engages himself to:

  • Respect TGH’s Charter and internal regulations
  • Respect his contract and Job description
  • Respect security rules put in place by the security focal point.

This job description will be regularly reviewed. Only a common and joint agreement between the employee and the employer could lead to a modification of this it.



The overall objective of the Case Worker is to ensure, under the responsibility of the supervision team, the implementation of activities related to children’s protection, within the frame of the project especially case management.

This position will include trips to rural areas surrounding the work location and is attached to TGH Shirqat sub-office. Trips to Mosul are likely to be organized for all staff meetings.

Trips to Mosul and Erbil and staying overnight are likely to be organized to meet with TGH coordination team, attend workshops or trainings.



Responsibility 1: Implement psychosocial and case management activities

Responsibility  2 : Provide awareness and participate in child protection assessment in the targeted locations

Responsibility 3 : Reporting, planning and communication

Responsibility 4: Translation



Responsibility 1:

Task 1 – Participate in the identification and selection of children at risk, according to standard vulnerability criteria.

Task 2 – Conduct follow-up and family visits to provide psychosocial first aid, psychosocial support or any other needed assistance, depending on the child and family’s needs.

Task 3 – Create and implement new adapted recreational activities in cooperation with the PSS and EducationFacilitators and the CP and Education Officer, in order to improve the children’s well being

Task 4 – Ensure that urgent and challenging cases are immediately discussed with direct supervisors and the CP and Education Officer

Task 5- In line with SOPs (Standard operational procedures), provide case management services to the children identified, and follow all case management steps from identification to closure or transfer, including referrals to specialized services in coordination with the project officer and the CP and Education Officer.

Task 6- Advise the parents and raise their awareness on children’s rights and children’s wellbeing.

Task 7– Ensure coordination and information sharing with the CP and Education Officer, while preserving the confidentiality principle

Task 8- Be responsible of the data management of the cases, using the case management tools: documentation of cases, referrals, etc and of the archiving of the files regarding the cases followed.

Task 9 – Assures coordination with all relevant stake-holders regarding case management.


Responsibility 2:

Task 1 – Follow up on the needs in terms of awareness and be proactive in the definition of the awareness program

Task 2 – Conduct awareness sessions in collaboration with community mobilizers focusing on child protection, Education, GBV and general protection issues

Task 3 – Participate in conducting child protection assessment, collect and transmit the data relative to the supervision teams


Responsibility 3 :

Task 1– Participate in weekly meetings regarding the activities of the project.

Task 2– Provide a weekly activity planning to the CP and Education Officer.

Task 3- Report to his/her supervision any development or change of circumstances regarding the context and actors.

Task 4– Provide the daily report to CP and Education Officer and project officer.

Task 5– Update frequently the database with the CP and Education Officer.


Responsibility 4: Translation

  • Provide translation, oral and written when needed.

This list of responsibilities could be modified according to the needs in the field.


Required Qualifications & Preferred Skills

  • Proven Case worker experience and/or proven strong experience in PSS and Case management, and relevant Diplomas.
  • Proven experience of working on Psychosocial Support and child protection case management activities.
  • Proven experience in using Child Protection Information Management System (CPIMS+)
  • Experience in community mobilization and conducting outreach activities.
  • Knowledge on Child Protection, Psycho Social Support (PSS), Psychosocial First Aid (PFA), Case Management (CM), Gender Based Violence (GBV) and others.
  • Knowledge on Standard Operating Procedures for Child Protection Case Management (SOP) or other official guideline and tools.
  • Good capacity to provide active participation and creativity stimulation of the children.
  • Good communication and social skills to establish relationships with different communities.
  • Proven Computer skills (MS Office).
  • Fluency in written and spoken in Arabic.
  • Strong organizational and reporting skills.
  • Very creative, active, positive and flexible.
  • Strongly motivated by humanitarian work.

Languages, mandatory: Fluency in written and spoken Arabic. Good communication skills in English is desired.

Additional qualities:

  • Experience with working in partnerships.
  • Proactive with integrity, initiative and the ability to think and work independently.
  • Ability to multitask, prioritize, handle pressure, improvise, and be a good team player.
  • Creative thinking, problem-solving orientation, accountability for results.
  • Demonstrates ability to take initiative, drive to achieve results, and ability to develop effective organizations.


The list above is not strictly definitive; an employee working within the framework of these tasks may carry out other tasks if asked to do so by his/her line manager.

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