Triangle Generation Humanitarian

PSS Worker

Job Overview

Position: PSS Worker

Work place:  Sharqat with travel requirement

Duration:   Fixed term contract 6 months full time.

Status:   National position.

Under the supervision of: CPE Officer
Direct management of: Non.
Functional links: PM, Program team

Salary range: the salary for this position will be 1103USD under the category B04 of TGH salary scale




The employee engages himself to:

  • Respect TGH’s Charter and internal regulations
  • Respect his contract and Job description\
  • Respect security rules put in place by the security focal point.


This job description will be regularly reviewed. Only a common and joint agreement between the employee and the employer could lead to a modification of this it.




The Child Protection and Education Officer provides technical support for all Case Workers and PSS and Education Workers who are supporting conflict affected children and families through case management services and psychosocial support and Non-formal education activities in the targeted areas.

The Child Protection and Education Officer supports technically the Case Workers of Shirqat and is in charge of following up all case management activities, while providing technical support to PSS and Education Workers to support the planning and implementation of psychosocial support activities and Non-formal education in the targeted areas.

Child Protection and Education officer falls under the direct supervision of Child Protection and Education Project Manager.

The Child Protection and Education officer will be based in Shirqat along with the Project management team (Project Manager, CWs and PSS and Education Workers) with regular trips to the intervention areas in Shirqat.

Trips to Mosul and Erbil are likely to be organized to meet with TGH coordination team.



Responsibility 1: Technical support to Child Protection activities

Responsibility  2 Supervision of Case management and PSS activities

Responsibility 3 : Monitoring and Reporting activities

Responsibility 4: Supervision of Non-Formal Education Activities

Responsibility 5: Other tasks




Responsibility 1:

Task 1- In collaboration with the Project Manager, provides technical support in Child Protection to the field team to ensure the good quality of the intervention.

Task 2- Ensures all protection concerns identified are communicated in timely manner to the concerned project team management and the Child Protection Project Manager.

Task 3- Ensures capacity building to the team regarding Child Protection topics (including PFA, PSS, Case Management…)

Task 4- Provides technical support in the design and implementation of Child Protection awareness campaigns

Task 5- In coordination with the Project Manager, ensures the appropriate psychosocial activities are provided for children in the intervention location and mainstream children’s well-being in all activities (child protection, youth empowerment)

Task 6- Develops and encourages innovative activities in Child Protection.



Responsibility 2:

Task 1- Participates in the identification and selection of the most Vulnerable children / adolescents at risk, according to standard vulnerability criteria.

Task 2- Ensures that all Case Workers are following the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Guideline and tools for case management process (from identification to closure or transfer, including referrals to specialized services).

Task 3- Establishes the appropriate case management monitoring and follow-up, including being in charge of the Case Management database.

Task 4- Follow up and validate all the Cash for Protection reports at all stages and make sure CWs are writing sound and professional reports.

Task 5- Supervise all PSS, SPSS, and Individual PSS activities, and participate with the field staff in making implementation plans.

Task 6- Ensures that urgent and challenging cases are immediately discussed with direct supervisors and technical advisor.

Task 7- Organizes regular internal meetings with TGH Case workers and PSS and Education Workersto provide technical support in case management and PSS.

Task 8- Ensures effective referral pathways of existing services to which children and families can be referred to. Is responsible for referring the cases to relevant partners and appropriate service providers.

Task 9- Ensures the respect of Alternative Care Guideline for the follow-up of unaccompanied and separated children and ensure the proper follow-up and documentation of Family Reunification process whenever relevant.

Task 10- In coordination with the team, ensures that all Psychosocial Facilitators are following the TGH PSS Guideline and tools for Psychosocial Support activities.

Task 11- Ensures the respect of confidentiality, TGH ethical guidelines and Child Protection Policy.

Task 12- Maintain effective collaboration with communities, partners, NGOs & UN agencies with the Project Manager.

Responsibility 3 :

Task 1- In collaboration with the Project Manager and MEAL Officer, participates to the improvement of child protection monitoring tools (Case management, PSS, Referral, and Awareness databases, child well-being evaluation, and other tools)

Task 2- Responsible for ensuring all case management and PSS data is properly and regularly collected, analyzed, and reported to the Project Manager on a weekly and monthly basis or when required.

Task 3- In close collaboration with the CP team, prepare daily/weekly activity plans and reports for case management and PSS activities.

Task 4- In Collaboration with MEAL Officer, participates in evaluation and project’s impact assessments.

Task 5- Shares the challenges and difficulties that Case Workers and PSS and Education Workers faced in the field with the Project Manager.

Responsibility 4:

Task 1- Participate in trainings and workshops on education-related topics and other capacity-building activities according to the project needs and requests from the Project manager of the CP staff

Task 2– Establish and maintain positive working relations with school supervisors, school’s Principals and teachers ensuring the link between non-formal and formal education;

Task 3– Liaise with humanitarian actors and government authorities for coordinated and harmonized education programming in the project areas.

Task 4– Regular liaising with the supported schools’ management and parents.

Task 5– Supervise and provide technical support to the project team and teachersfor the quality implementation of the educational activities.

Task 6– Deliver training to the DoE staff on CP Principles training, safeguarding, PSEA, and any other related topics.

Task 7– Along with the PSS and Education workers, Supervise and evaluate the Non-formal teachers/volunteers, and report directly to the Project manager

Task 8- with the Project manager Supervise, plan, and monitor the BTL (Back to learning campaings and activities.

Responsibility 5: 

Task 1- Participates in TGH internal meetings

Task 2- Participates in the performance evaluation of project team ( Case Workers and PSS and Education Workers)

Task 3– Participates in relevant JCFs and working groups in Child Protection

Task 4- Translates from Arabic to English and vice versa, when requested.

Task 5- Contributes to needs assessment for any possible/future protection project.

This list of responsibilities could be modified according to the needs in the field.



Required Qualifications & Preferred Skills

  • A minimum Bachelor’s degree in management, social work, psychology, pedagogy, international relations, or community development with a focus on children and/or youth or another related field of studies.
  • At least three years experience in child protection, particularly in PSS and Case Management and Non-formal Education
  • Proven experience in team management and supervision.
  • Proven experience in child protection case management supervision
  • Experience in community mobilization and conducting outreach activities.
  • Strong knowledge on Psychosocial First Aid (PFA), Gender Based Violence (GBV) and others.
  • Strong knowledge on Standard Operating Procedures for Child Protection Case Management (SOP) or other official guideline and tools.
  • Good capacity to provide active participation and creativity stimulation of the children.
  • Good communication and social skills to establish relationships with different communities.
  • Proven Computer skills (MS Office).
  • Fluency in written and spoken in Arabic and English.
  • Strong organizational and reporting skills.
  • Very creative, active, positive, and flexible.
  • Strongly motivated by humanitarian work.

Languages, mandatory: Fluency in written and spoken Arabic and English. Additional qualities:

  • Experience with working in partnerships.
  • Proactive with integrity, initiative and the ability to think and work independently.
  • Ability to multitask, prioritize, handle pressure, improvise, and be a good team player.
  • Creative thinking, problem-solving orientation, accountability for results.
  • Demonstrates ability to take initiative, drive to achieve results, and ability to develop effective organizations.



The list above is not strictly definitive; an employee working within the framework of these tasks may carry out other tasks if asked to do so by his/her line manager.

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