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Communications Officer (UNDP)

Job Expired

Job Overview

Host entity: UNDP
Type: Onsite
Duration: 12 months (with possibility of extension)
Number of assignments: 1
Expected start date: 07/04/2024
Sustainable Development Goal: 11. Sustainable cities and communities
Volunteer category: National UN Volunteer Specialist

Mission and objectives
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), a key UN member since 1945 and active in Iraq since 1976, is dedicated to aiding the country’s transition to stability and reform. Aligned with the government’s vision, UNDP strives for a resilient Iraq by addressing social, economic, environmental, and political challenges. One of its primary goals is to fortify institutions, ensuring they provide inclusive, evidence-based, and gender-responsive services, with a focus on vulnerable populations. This involves promoting transparent, accountable governance to safeguard the rights of marginalized groups and foster citizen trust in the state.
The Support to Justice Initiatives curbing Corruption and promoting Commercial Dispute Resolution (ACAI) project, part of the governance portfolio, aims to combat corruption and advance commercial dispute resolution in Iraq. It has five key outcomes: refining the legal and strategic framework for anti-corruption, boosting the capabilities of the justice sector to handle corruption cases, strengthening legislation and institutions for commercial dispute resolution, garnering parliamentary support for anti-corruption reforms, and enhancing transparency and public accountability. The Trial Monitoring (TM) Programme, falling under output 2, specifically focuses on monitoring high-level corruption cases in Iraq’s specialized courts.

Effective Communication Strategies:
– Development and implementation of comprehensive communication strategies aligned with organizational goals.
Enhanced Public Relations:
– Improved public relations through successful media engagement, leading to increased positive visibility for UNDP initiatives.
Digital Presence:
– Strengthened digital presence with well-managed and engaging content across various online platforms.
Successful Media Relations:
– Positive relationships cultivated and maintained with media outlets, resulting in accurate and favorable coverage of UNDP activities.
Increased Stakeholder Engagement:
– Improved stakeholder engagement, fostering understanding and support for UNDP projects and initiatives.
Quality Content Creation:
– Regular production of high-quality multimedia content, including graphics, videos, and written materials.
Brand Building:
– Successful efforts in building and maintaining the reputation and brand of UNDP through strategic communication.
Successful Project Communication:
– Coordinated and impactful communication for various projects, contributing to their success and visibility.
Cross-Cultural Communication:
– Effective communication strategies that take into account cultural sensitivities, ensuring messages resonate across diverse audiences.
Regular Reporting:
– Timely and accurate reporting on communication activities, including performance metrics and key insights for continuous improvement.
Team Collaboration:
– Collaborative efforts with internal teams and external partners to ensure consistent and aligned communication.

Task description
Within the delegated authority and under the supervision of the Communications Specialist of Partnerships, Advocacy and Communications Team (PACT) Iraq Country Office or his/her designated mandated representative(s), the UNV Communications Officer will:
1. Builds awareness among key audiences and areas of interest
– Work with the Partnerships Advocacy, and Communications Team (PACT) to target key stakeholder groups to grow awareness and engagement with UNDP Iraq’s portfolios.
– Support the development of internal and external communications narratives and positioning.
– Create and promote campaigns to local and regional media that position UNDP programme and new initiatives.
– Cover various workshops and events for communications and archival purposes.
– Plan and execute awareness campaigns around the different projects of UNDP Iraq.
2. Supports partnerships through communications and media relations
– Work closely with relevant UNDP communications colleagues to promote UNDP’s work and key messages
– Coordinate with media to ensure coverage of UNDP’s activities, and distribution of UNDP messaging.
– Coordinate with photographers, videographers, and media agencies in the field to collect the required material.
– Meet regularly with communication persons from the partners’ and donors’ side to ensure agreement on content and messaging in timely manner.
3. Supports development of marketing and communications materials
– Develop and distribute success stories/case studies of UNDP, including but not limited to digital innovations.
– Create content for UNDP’s website and other UNDP’s online platforms in Arabic and English.
– Create compelling visual materials (video and photo) to communicate UNDP’s work in Iraq.
– Conduct and maintain communications needs assessments across UNDP’s portfolios/projects.
– Work with all UNDP programmes to produce relavent articles and written materials in different languages.
– Produce written articles highlighting UNDP Iraq’s work and its partnership with the governmental agencies to increase engagement.
– Support the compilation and development of funding materials for key donors, government, and partner audiences.
– Create visual material to highlight key issues to the Iraqi audience with facts and figures.
4. Manages social media and digital communications
– Manage the growth of audiences through social media and other digital channels.
– Actively curate content ready for social media engagement across preferred mediums.
– Coordinate regular updates to priority stakeholder groups; both within UNDP and with external partners and other United Nations agencies.
– Seek opportunities and partnerships to promote UNDP and its priorities through social media.
– Support the proofreading process of Arabic language (and other languages if applicable) and ensure communicating clear messages for media, social media, websites, and other online platforms.
5. Branding
– Assist in branding efforts and understanding of UNDP mandate and identity within the community of development actors.
– Advocate and promote UNDP mandate, mission, and purpose.
– Ensure UNDP visibility in all project sites and media.
– Ensure the systematic use of corporate message, corporate graphic standard, communication policy, publication policy in all CO and projects.

  • This job has expired!