HDD Locator Supervisor

Job Overview


Job Summary:


Operating and maintaining HDD equipment and locating bores. The Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) Locator Operator and crew leader is responsible for ensuring the correct path and depth of drilling for installation of dry utilities, and operating drill rigs safely and efficiently.

Job Duties:

  • Read and accurately interpret design prints and organization of materials and other resources as necessary to complete excavation requirements, which may include basic hand tools.
  • Prepare job and drill so that the shot can be performed safely.
  • Pothole all utilities that will either be paralleled or crossed during the bore shot.
  • Verify existing utilities.
  • Combine water with chemicals for boring according to the ground you are drilling in.
  • Locate the drill head from point of start to point of destination without hitting any utilities at the correct depth.
  • Hook up swivel, reamer, and pipe product that will be pulled back to complete the bore shot.
  • Before the bore shot is started, walk out bore shot to ensure all utilities have been located and develop a plan for going above or below each utility or obstacle in the bore path.
  • Pull back the product with the correct hole opener and utilize the correct mud mixture to ensure that the product makes it from point B to point A.
  • Inspect and maintain job equipment.
  • Ensure that safety equipment is used properly at all times and that work is carried out in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Site set up and reinstatement.
  • Keeping Jobsite, trucks and equipment clean and organized.


Education: Bachelor’s Degree.

Years of Experience

0-1 Years in Field Work.

Skills & Competencies :

    • Passion and Initiative .
    • Results Orientation .
    • Leadership & Empowerment .
    • Creativity & Innovation .
    • Positive attitude & Team Work .
    • Problem Solving .

Field Employees Competencies:

  • Ability to work well independently and as a part of a team with co-workers
  • Must have valid drivers license.
  • ability and willingness to travel and work in all conditions if need be is must.
  • Time Management and Organization
  • Working under pressure.