Procurement Specialist

Job Overview


Responsible for process purchase requisitions for more complex products, issuing purchase orders ensuring best quality and price as well as timely delivery to end users.

Main Duties and Responsiblities
  • Implement Procurement policies and procedures
  • Interface with requestors from different departments, obtains details on Purchase Requests, including item description, quantity, delivery date and location providing catalogs and advices as necessary
  • Prepare the “Invitation to Tender” to include all relevant information required by bidders
  • Receive requests from all the department and collecting the offers from more than one supplier with best price and quality
  • Negotiation with suppliers to obtain product/service information such as price, availability, delivery schedule and discrepancies in quantity or quality
  • Search the local and international markets for potential suppliers.
  • Visit new suppliers to familiarize with their products and operational processes to assesses supplier operations for possible work arrangements
  • Issue the Purchase Requisitions based on specific criteria, set policies and SLA; ensures availability of funds and completion of approval cycle
  • Prepare POs and attach all related documents including quotations, comparison sheets, contract, and emails for signatures
  • Negotiate with local and international suppliers for contractual agreements on fixed prices, delivery term, and standard quality
  • Contact suppliers to follow up on the status of an order when necessary; keeps the requestors informed
  • Forward received suppliers’ invoices to the Accounting Department for processing
  • Coordinate with suppliers to provide invoices, certificates and other document to be sent within the required specifications of Iraq Customs. Follow up on the clearance to handle the products when in port or airport for efficient and timely delivery
  • Revise and update the quality, price and technical specifications of purchased items checking end user satisfaction
  • Coordinate with warehouse staff to ensure proper storage
  • General Knowledge with LC systems
  • Knowledge with Network system
  • Knowledge Computer HW and SW
  • Provide technical support to various entities for the purpose of purchasing products/Solutions. Entities include potential vendors, partners, and resellers.
  • Develop designs and bills of materials for cost-effective solutions.


  •  +2 years’ experience in this field
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management or any other relevant
  • Proficiency in Systems Inventory
  • Basic Knowledge in IT Procedures
  • Very Good level in English language (Oral and Written)
  • logical reasoning and problem-solving skills.
  • the ability to think creatively.
  • Skills in data analysis, including working with electronic data.
  • Careful and thorough attitude with a good work ethic
  • Business Ethics
  • Time Management
  • Work under Pressure
  • Develop Financial Skills.
  • Team work
  • Strategic Planning
  • Communication Skills
  • Problem solving
  • Documentation and Reporting Skills

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